28 Visi Ata
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28 Visi Ata
Drama / Colour
Released Date :  2017-06-02
Main Actor : Mahendra Perera
Main Actress : Semini Iddamalgoda
Director : Prasanna Jayakodi
Producer : Rashitha Jinasena
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In a country where sexuality has become a vulgarity, a man sees his wife nude for the first time as she lay dead after she was sexually assaulted on a mortuary table and then struggles emotionally, to at least claim as his own, the merest part of her body.
Lenin is livid that he has been tricked into transporting a dead body but,seeing the dead Suddhi’s torso he agrees unconditionally to transport her body back to the village.When the coffin arrives, the villagers already know how Suddhi died through newspaper reports and rumors resulting in Abasiri's humiliation in front of them.
Suddhi addresses the mourners at her own funeral stating that she is now bereft of fear and censure since she is dead and provides telling and powerful testimony on behalf of all women.
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Film Cast
Mahendra PereraMahendra Perera
as Abeysiri
Rukmal NiroshRukmal Nirosh
as Mani
Semini IddamalgodaSemini Iddamalgoda
as Suddhi
Sarath KothalawalaSarath Kothalawala
as Lenin
Daya ThennakoonDaya Thennakoon
as Ukku Banda
Sisira KodikaraSisira Kodikara
Nilmini KottegodaNilmini Kottegoda
Priyantha PrabathPriyantha Prabath
Ariyarathna PereraAriyarathna Perera
Film Crew

Prasanna Jayakodi
Rashitha Jinasena
Rashitha Jinasena

Prasanna Jayakodi
Deshaka Bamunumulla
Deshaka Bamunumulla
Music Director

Chandana Jayasinghe
Rangana Dingharage
Rangana Dingharage
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