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"Why we are here"
www.films.lk is an attempt to collect and preserve information related to Sri Lankan film industry. Our sole purpose is to present this valuble information to our future generations.We need your help to achive this goal. If you have information related to Films, Artists , Film Songs , Awards, Award Ceromonies or Photos related to any of these please email us atisandi@gmail.com

Motivation for www.films.lk

The Sinhala Cinema was inaugurated with the release of the Sinhala Film 'Kadawunu Poronduwa' at Kingsley Cinema - Colombo on 21.01.1947. This industry is not just an entertainment media it holds far more importance to our country as a representation of the nation, its victories, drawbacks and the true feelings of our people. The artists and their creations are considered as national treasures that should be preserved for our future generations.

Cinema is a media that entertain people, the creations and the creators live in people’s hearts. The information associated with Cinema industry should be accessible to every one.

This industry is not controlled under a single institution or a government body so the information is scattered through its artists, different institutions and organizations.

So the best way to preserve these valuable information and memories will be to create a database archive which not only store the information, but provide easy access to every one including fans and professionals, and also collect information from various sources with out the control of a single institution or a person.

The latest information on up coming movies and cinema hall schedules for the currently displaying movies are advertised using news papers or bill boards around cinema halls. So it isn’t easy for a fan to find the correct movies schedules for a desired cinema hall or a city. In many other countries all the movie schedules are made available in websites. They can access this information instantly through internet using a PC or even mobile phones.

After considering the above mentioned problem space the Web Based Information System for the Cinema Industry (www.films.lk) was developed in order to provide an effective solution.

Sinhala Cinema Database
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Upcoming Films
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"Why we are here"

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Isura Wickramarachchi
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Isura Wickramarachchi is chief executive officer and the founder of isandi CREATIONS one of the nations leading web development companies.

He started his career in Anton Jayakody Travel agencies as a junior clerk but within 2 years he was promoted to the post of Tour operations manager. At the age of 20 handling tours of a leading travel agency in Sri Lanka was not a challenge for him. His specialty was his creativity which he used even for the smaller tasks of work made him standout among others. In year 2000 when Sri Lanka was opening doors for the IT industry the tremendous opportunities of new technology captured his attention and he made a quick choice to change careers. At first he was fascinated by everything about IT and spends most of his time learning everything that he could get his hands on. He soon picked his career in web development field and joined Ecode Lanka Software as a User Interface Developer. His work enabled the company to earn the reputation of a web company with an enormous potential for growth.

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Mr. Wickramarchchi master minded the company’s most successful projects www.films.lk and www.mahawansaya.lk . These projects won awards in consecutive years in the best web competition. The concept behind these projects are entirely his own and he dedicated lot of his time and company resources on non profit charity projects.

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