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Bambara Kalape
Reviewed by films.lk on 2020-02-29 .
Rating: 2.9
Bambara Kalape - බඹර කලාපේ Fans : 0 Film No :720
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Bambara Kalape
Story / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  1991-12-06
Main Actor : Jeevan Kumarathunga
Main Actress : Sabeetha Perera
Director : Sena Samarasinghe
Producer : Sena Samarasinghe
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fascinating story of male twins who are separated as one boy is stolen from cradle by a husband in revenge for raping his wife by the wealthy father of the twins and the stolen boy grown up with the kidnappers Tamil Family who joins a terrorist group to fight the Government.  As time passes other twins is captured by the insurgents twin, after realizing that they are twins and join hands to give up terrorism, But they are not to be left alone… The terrorists are after them.  In the meantime one of the twins is in love with a catholic girl but his wealthy father objects to his marriage.  After a very turbulent period the terrorists are driven away and parents realize their mistakes and all are happy.  But the unfortunate twin is forced to go into hiding due to his past deeds.

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Bambara Kalape 
Film Cast
Jeevani KumariJeevani Kumari
Susantha FernandoSusantha Fernando
Parika RanasinghaParika Ranasingha
Thalatha GunasekaraThalatha Gunasekara
Tiron MichealTiron Micheal
Teddy VidyalankaraTeddy Vidyalankara
Tenison CoorayTenison Cooray
Soniya DisanayakaSoniya Disanayaka
Ranjith PereraRanjith Perera
Herbert M. SenewirathnaHerbert M. Senewirathna
Milton JayawardhanaMilton Jayawardhana
Dona ParikaDona Parika
Jagath SilvaJagath Silva
Manel ChandralathaManel Chandralatha
Kumari SandyaKumari Sandya
Sriyani AmarasenaSriyani Amarasena
Bandu SamarasingheBandu Samarasinghe
Sabeetha PereraSabeetha Perera
Jeevan KumarathungaJeevan Kumarathunga
Freddie SilvaFreddie Silva
Richard WeerakkodiRichard Weerakkodi
Chandi RasikaChandi Rasika
Cleatus MendisCleatus Mendis
Lionel DaraniyagalaLionel Daraniyagala
Film Crew

Sena Samarasinghe

Sena Samarasinghe
G. Nandasena
G. Nandasena
Sarath Dasanayake
Sarath Dasanayake
Music Director
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