Behind the Scenes / බිහයින්ඩ් ද සීන්
[ Colour Digital ]
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Behind the Scenes / බිහයින්ඩ් ද සීන්
(Behind the Scenes)
Not Yet Released
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : Digital
Category : Drama

Main Actor : Rajeeva Ramanayake

Main Actress : Ruwendi Wakwella

Director : Lakpathy Wijesekara


 Behind the scenes is the first feature film produced by The Unlimited Entertainment. It is the culmination of the experiences gained by a team of after/AL students from Royal College, not only through making of short films, filming of school events and theatre productions, but also through the premature exposure to the hardships and realities in their zealous voyage towards making their own film. It is showcasing the talents and passion of Lakpathy Wijesekara, the Director and his team towards the silver screen. 

The film shot by a MD 10 000 camera, using  the simplest of film equipment captures a facet of teens not touched by Sri Lankan cinema beofore. It narrates the story of an ambitious director dedicated and committed in toto to making his first feature yet encountering endless challenges which stem from lack of empathy, ignorance and arrogance. Behind the screen discusses friendship,hope,respect and solitude; questions the stereotyped sarcasm the institutionalized and organized industry sheds upon a bunch of committed, enthusiastic and revolutionist teenagers.  


Production Manager
Chirath Abeysinghe


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