Bomba saha Rosa
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Bomba saha Rosa
Drama / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2013-03-14
Main Actor : Vishwanath Kodikara
Main Actress : Upeksha Swarnamali
Director : Anurudda Jayasinghe
Producer : Lucky Imran , Eric Makawita
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‘Bombs and Roses’ -revolves round a bomb-laden motorbike which comes to the city targeting a VIP. The intelligence units come to know about the terrorist’s plan and the city is alerted and search operations are carried out.

The bomber who rides the bike parks it in order to prevent his being checked by the police during which time the bike is stolen by a well-known robber who even has connections with the police. The robbed, bomb-laden bike is being ridden throughout the city even passing the police and checkpoints.

It becomes a part and parcel of the ordinary life and the deadly vehicle is being hired by lovers and used for day-to-day purposes and even for shooting of a musical video. Unaware of the danger of the motorbike full of explosives, people live with it until a dramatic event occurs. Despite the suspense, the story runs in a lighter vein. 7.html


Talented young director Anuruddha Jayasinghe of Sankranthi and Davala Duvili fame, had named his latest cinematic creation Bomba Saha Rosa (Bombs n’ Roses). The Muhurath ceremony of the movie was held recently in the NFC cinema hall.

The story is about the events which unfold in a day when a bomb blast takes place in the city. One specialty about the film is that all the characters are given equal prominence though Vishvanath Kodikara, Upeksha Swarnamali, Bimal Jayakody and Mahendra Perera’s character stand out slightly more than the rest. Jayani Senanayake, Dharshana Dharmaraj, Suminda Sirisena, Sarath Kothalawala, Udayanthi Kulathunga, Kumara Thirimadura, tharindu Wijesinghe, Somadasa Alakolanga, Sriyani Amarasena and others take up characters in the movie produced by EricMakawita and Lucky Imran’s production.

The cameraman is Channa Deshapriya while the art director is Jagath Imbulpe. The assistant director is Priyantha Fernando, Priyantha Sirikumara is the make up artist and Raja Ranasinghe is the production executive.

The lyrics are by Kelum Srimal while Ranga Dassanayake is the music director. Amal Perera provides the background vocals. Ranesh Nanayakkara is the editor and the production coordination is managed by Sudath Silva and Ajantha Ranasinghe. Charith Wickramatilleke had designed the costumes while Chaminda Meemanage is the production manager.

Shooting will commence soon in areas around Colombo and the team is hoping to release the creation at the end of the year.

“The film will provide a different experience for local moviegoers as it revolves around a host of incidents connected to a bomb blast.

The bombs symbolize terrorism and horror while roses reflect innocence and romance,” Anuruddha explained the unusual theme of his film.

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Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa Bomba saha Rosa 
Film Cast
Sriyani AmarasenaSriyani Amarasena
as VIP Wife
Somadasa AlakolangaSomadasa Alakolanga
Tharindu WijesinghaTharindu Wijesingha
Kumara ThirimaduraKumara Thirimadura
as Freddy
Udayanthi Nirushika KulathungaUdayanthi Nirushika Kulathunga
Sarath KothalawalaSarath Kothalawala
as Silva
Suminda SirisenaSuminda Sirisena
as Opposition MP
Darshan DharmarajDarshan Dharmaraj
as Nadan
Jayani SenanayakaJayani Senanayaka
as Pocket
Mahendra PereraMahendra Perera
as Gotta
Bimal JayakodiBimal Jayakodi
as Mahil
Upeksha SwarnamaliUpeksha Swarnamali
as Shani
Vishwanath KodikaraVishwanath Kodikara
as Nirmal
Film Crew
Ranesh Nanayakkara
Ranesh Nanayakkara

Ranga Dasanayake
Music Director

Priyantha Sirikumara
Make-up Artists
Priyantha Fernando
Priyantha Fernando
Assistant Director
Jagath Imbulpe
Jagath Imbulpe
Art Director

Channa Deshapriya

Anurudda Jayasinghe

Lucky Imran

Eric Makawita
Making Gallery
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