Bora Diya Pokuna
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Bora Diya Pokuna
Family / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2015-02-14
Main Actor :
Main Actress : Dilani Abeywardana
Director : Sathyajith Maitipe
Producer :
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Emerging film director Satyajith Maitipe has stolen international limelight with his maiden creation being selected for the Rotterdam International Film festival.

Satyajith's Bora Diya Pokuna (Scent of the Lotus Pond) will contest in the director's first and second film category at the 33rd Rotterdam festival which will be held from January 21 to February 1.

The film has won nomination for the Tiger Award at the prestigious festival.

Satyajith's film focuses on the contemporary social issues faced by the younger generation of the country.

The film is set in the true backdrop of the Free Trade Zone and is woven around three young girls who toil at a garment factory and their relationship with an airman."The film itself is a cross section of the lives of village youth who are serving at garment factories and security services and how their lives are subject to change amidst challenges in urbanised society," Satyajith says.

The script of the film is also by Satyajith. The film is driven on young lives with emphasis on three main aspects - love, sex and marriage - amidst the background of a very complex political and social conflict.

In making this film, Satyajith had been greatly inspired by Buddhism. "Although the issues concerned fall into social and political categories. The main structure is strengthened by Buddhism," he added.

The theme of the film is very much closer to his own life, says Satyajith. "In my generation, there is a group of youth who were led astray after their love life is shattered. Once their dream world is gone, they don't find courage to face real life. The film in a way shows a facet of their lives."

However, Satyajith believes that his film gives a different theme to the people. "The message I want to give is that although life is full of trouble and pathetic conditions, it is still worth more than anything else," he added.

The main two female characters of the film are played by award winning actress Kaushalya Fernando and Dilani Abeywardena. The main male character is performed by novice Duminda de Silva who represented the Sri Lankan National Rugby team.

Besides, the film also stars acclaimed artistes such as Iranganie Serasinghe, Dharmasiri Bandaranayaka, Veena Jayakody, Priyanka Samaraweera, Chandani Seneviratne, Chandra Kaluarachchi and Liyoni Kotalawala.

The film was produced under a loan scheme extended by the National Film Corporation to young directors. A group comprising Satyajith, Kaushalya and Duminda de Silva will participate in the festival.


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Bora Diya Pokuna 
Film Cast
Rathnawali KekunawalaRathnawali Kekunawala
Rohitha KarunarathnaRohitha Karunarathna
Chandani SenevirathnaChandani Senevirathna
Liyoni KothalawalaLiyoni Kothalawala
Chandra KaluarachchiChandra Kaluarachchi
Veena JayakodiVeena Jayakodi
Gayan LakruwanGayan Lakruwan
Priyanka SamaraweeraPriyanka Samaraweera
Dharmasiri BandaranayakeDharmasiri Bandaranayake
Duminda De SilvaDuminda De Silva
Dilani AbeywardanaDilani Abeywardana
Kaushalya FernandoKaushalya Fernando
Film Crew
Suneth Nandalal
Suneth Nandalal
Art Director
Patrick David Soysa
Patrick David Soysa
Art Director

Priyantha Sirikumara
Make-up Artists
Pradeep Ratnayaka
Pradeep Ratnayaka
Music Director

Ravindra Guruge
Sathyajith Maitipe
Sathyajith Maitipe
Sathyajith Maitipe
Sathyajith Maitipe
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