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Desa Nisa
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Desa Nisa
Drama / Black & White / 35 mm
Released Date :  1975-12-26
Main Actor : Joe Abeywickrama
Main Actress : Sriyani Amarasena
Director : Dr. Lester James Peries
Producer : Sumithra Peiris
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Nirudaka (Joe Abeywickrema) is an ugly man who is only loved by his mother (Denawaka Hamine) and taunted by others. He falls in love with blind Sundari (Sriyani Amarasena) and they get married.

The mother then feels obliged to cure Sundari's blindness much to Nirudaka's chagrin and takes her to a hermit (Ravindra Randeniya) with healing powers. In the climatic scene the hermit cures Sundari's blindness on a large rock. She laughs at Nirudaka and tries to leave, but is captured by the hermit. Nirudaka begs the hermit to let her go and takes off to not offend her.

The hermit realizes his folly and lets Sundari go. She again finds Nirudaka and they reconcile.


Desa Nisa (Sinhala, The Eyes) is a 1972 Sri Lankan drama film directed by Lester James Peries. The film stars Joe Abeywickrema as Nirukada, an ugly man who worries that his blind wife will leave him if she regains her sight.

Peries made the film as a vehicle for Joe Abeywickrema. The source material was a Gunasena Galappatti play which was made more accessible to a lay audience by Galappatti on Peries' urging. Critics were puzzled by the film and wrote that it was Peries' most mysterious

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Desa Nisa Desa Nisa Desa Nisa Desa Nisa 
Film Cast
Agra SajeewaniAgra Sajeewani
Seetha Kumari EhalepolaSeetha Kumari Ehalepola
Preethi RandeniyaPreethi Randeniya
Denawaka HamineDenawaka Hamine
as Mother
Ravindra RandeniyaRavindra Randeniya
as Hermit
Joe AbeywickramaJoe Abeywickrama
as Nirudaka
Sriyani AmarasenaSriyani Amarasena
as Sundari
Somapala DharmapriyaSomapala Dharmapriya
Lal HewapathiranaLal Hewapathirana
Victor WickramageVictor Wickramage
Sriyani PereraSriyani Perera
Palitha BandaraPalitha Bandara
Bandula SuriyabandaraBandula Suriyabandara
Film Crew

Sumithra Peiris

Gunasena Galappatthi

Premasiri Kemadasa
Music Director

Dr. Lester James Peries
Gladvin Fernando
Gladvin Fernando

Ariyawansha Weerakkody
Art Director
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