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    Dorakada Marawa
    Reviewed by films.lk on 2020-02-21 .
    Rating: 2.9
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    Dorakada Marawa
    Drama / Colour / 35 mm
    Released Date :  1998-10-02
    Main Actor : Sanath Gunathilaka
    Main Actress : Sangeetha Weeraratne
    Director : Wasantha Obeysekara
    Producer : Sarath Abeysena , Sarath Abeysena
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    This film begins with the death of a newly wed couple Priyantha and Subashini in a car crash.  Priyantha comes from a middle class family with an average income.  Employed at the harbor after university education, he maintains his elderly parents and grown-up unmarried sisters, Subhashini, a mercantile employee, is the youngest daughter of a traditional conservative family whose fortunes had begun to decline.  The clashes of different class interests represented by each protagonist become evident in their budding love.  Adverse social reactions to their affair were expressed in unfounded slanders, gossip and insinuations acting as a hindrance to their sense of understanding.  Moreover, incompatibilities, both emotional and cultural, rocked heir nest of love.  However, the two managed to steer away from all constraints that threatened them.  The two were finally joined together in marriage while those who hated them made a show of doing so.  On the day of the home-coming when all the relative and friends had departed different destinations, their destiny over took the young couple.  At dawn on the following day the two were found dead on the spot in a motor car accident.  Both friends and foes were intrigued by the manner of their death which led to many speculations.  Was it the result of suicide, homicide or an accident?



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    Dorakada Marawa 
    Film Cast
    Sanath GunathilakaSanath Gunathilaka
    Sangeetha WeeraratneSangeetha Weeraratne
    Malkanthi JayasingheMalkanthi Jayasinghe
    Veena JayakodiVeena Jayakodi
    Thamara DilrukshiThamara Dilrukshi
    Sathischandra EdirisingheSathischandra Edirisinghe
    Ramani FonsekaRamani Fonseka
    Geetha Kanthi JayakodyGeetha Kanthi Jayakody
    Rex KodippiliRex Kodippili
    Roger SenewirathnaRoger Senewirathna
    Malee JayaweerageMalee Jayaweerage
    Hansamala JanakiHansamala Janaki
    Gayana SudarshaniGayana Sudarshani
    Rasadari PeirisRasadari Peiris
    Bandula WithanageBandula Withanage
    Chandani SenevirathnaChandani Senevirathna
    Buddhadasa WithanachchiBuddhadasa Withanachchi
    Sarath NamalgamaSarath Namalgama
    Film Crew
    Stanley De Alwis
    Stanley De Alwis

    Jayanath Gunawardana

    Wasantha Obeysekara
    Sarath Abeysena
    Sarath Abeysena
    Rohan Samaradiwakara
    Rohan Samaradiwakara
    Art Director

    Rohana Weerasinghe
    Music Director

    Jayanth Gunawardena
    Sarath Abeysena
    Sarath Abeysena

    Wasantha Obeysekara
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