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Its nice to see Pooja on our sitePooja UmashankerArtist
Nice film... but expect more crowd cause Ranjan was acting and above all its Udayakanthas film. I like the story but there should be realistic incidents and interconnection between the scenes.. Udari performed well and Sriyantha showed great skills in villanous role. Music was good and it touched the all categories and i hope the publicity was not enough for the film.Paaya Enna Hiru SeFilm
He is the King of Sri Lankan cinema. He made the dignity of acting and perticularly power of stardom of the national cinama. At one point he was elected as one of the best actorts of the world by the west and his performance in the NIDANAYA of Dr. Leter james peiris selected as world best 100 movies and his directorial debuet film PARASATHUMAL was crtically aclamaied. His followers (Students) Mahendra perera,Kamal Addaraarachchi, Veena Jayakody also gteatly respect this veteran actor and before he died he signed for the Dinesh Priyasad movie YAKADA YAKA.. unfortunately we are unlucky to see his performance. This space is not enough to say about his factor of sinhala cinama.Gamini FonsekaArtist