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A superb actress with unique way of acting.. I like her ravishing beauty and the way of acting... Congradz .......Manik KurukulasuriyaArtist
Actually this is a nice movie. In my point of view this is a turning point in the film industry after the movie Anjalika. Mainly because of the background music. So many young artists are singing for this film. It is really a good approach.Some say this is totally worthless. But I think in a film we dont want to touch the 100% reality. If it is there, we dont want films. So in films we can use imaginations and enchanting things. So this film is not bad. In background music side this is really good. Suwanda Denuna JeewitheFilm
Hi Dear Channa Ayya, I am one of your fans. Your acting is superb. I watched almost all the tele dramas and films. You are an outstanding artist. I like to see your acting more and more. Please try to do a new film for us.Your first film Anjalika is a nice film. Music , scenes and everything are perfect. You are a talented director also. Try to make a new film like Anjalika. I wish you a good luck. Congradz Channa Ayya.Channa PereraArtist