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The Sinhala Cinema was inaugurated with the release of the Sinhala Film 'Kadawunu Poronduwa' at Kingsley Cinema - Colombo on 21.01.1947. This industry is not just an entertainment media it holds far more importance to our country as a representation of the nation, its victories, drawbacks and the true feelings of our people. The artists and their creations are considered as national treasures that should be preserved for our future generations.

Latest Released
● Weli Pawuru
● Iskoleta Man Awa
● Asandhimiththa
● Sulanga Apa Ragena Yavi
● Katha Karana Heena
● Dekala Purudu Kenek
● Nathi Bari Tazan
● Thaala
● Sangili
● Ginnen Upan Seethala
Upcoming Films
● Dadaima
● Amuda Raja
● Gindari 2
● Guththila
● Mathata Thitha
● Govi Thaththa
● Kalyana Mithrayo
● Gaadi
● Weera Putha
● Nilu Man Adarei
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