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Good Bye Tokyo
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Rating: 2.9
Good Bye Tokyo - ගුඩ් බායි ටෝකියෝ Fans : 0 Film No :868
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Good Bye Tokyo
Drama / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  1997-12-05
Main Actor : Jeevan Kumarathunga
Main Actress : Dilani Abeywardana
Director : Lionel Panduwawala
Producer : S. Kanapathipillai
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 MAHASEN BANDARA is a young Government Executive Officer who is also the Director of Urban Development Authority. He is having a love affair with his niece, Sarojinee with the hope of getting married to her. Meanwhile, an invitation from Japan was received by Mahasen Bandara to participate in a training programme on Urban Development. During the course of this program he happened to meet a young Japanese girl, named Sumico, with whom a close intimacy was started.

Sumico is very much fluent in Sinhala since her father was one time a Japanese Ambassador in Sri Lanka during her childhood. Mahasen returned to the Island on completion of the training programme. Sumico too arrived in Sri Lanka in search of Mahasen. Upon meeting him, Sumico had told about her father’s desire to give her in marriage to another youngster. Sarojinee had thereafter committed suicide. In the meantime, Mahasen was requested to travel up country in taking part his Urban Development work and Sumico too joined him on this trip.

Then Mahasen had to face pathetic consequences whilst being in up country. It was the brutal killing of Sumico’s mother by Augustin who was posed as the owner of Ralapanawa Estate in up country. Mahasen, thereafter realized the background which led to mysterious killing of Sumico’s mother. Later, Augustin was apprehended by the police and at the ownership of the Property of Ralapanawa Estate was forcibly taken over from his hands. Finally, Sumico was married to Mahasen and had decided to live in Sri Lanka expressing her good wishes to the city of Tokyo, where she was born.



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Good Bye Tokyo 
Film Cast
Sandun WijesiriSandun Wijesiri
Manel WanaguruManel Wanaguru
Thalatha GunasekaraThalatha Gunasekara
Dayananda JayawardaneDayananda Jayawardane
Mervin JayathungaMervin Jayathunga
Maurine CharuniMaurine Charuni
Cleatus MendisCleatus Mendis
Dilani AbeywardanaDilani Abeywardana
Jeevan KumarathungaJeevan Kumarathunga
Jayalath FernandoJayalath Fernando
Tyron Micheal Tyron Micheal
Sanath ImbulamureSanath Imbulamure
Sriyani MahawattaSriyani Mahawatta
Rosy FernandoRosy Fernando
Film Crew
Lionel Panduwawala
Lionel Panduwawala
S. Kanapathipillai
S. Kanapathipillai
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