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Hitha Honda Pisso
Reviewed by films.lk on 2020-01-22 .
Rating: 2.9
Hitha Honda Pisso - හිත හොඳ පිස්සෝ Fans : 1 Film No :1001
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Hitha Honda Pisso
Comedy / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2003-11-28
Main Actor : Arjuna Kamalanath , Tenison Cooray
Main Actress : Dilhani Ashokamala Ekanayake
Director : Sunil Soma Peiris
Producer : Sunil T. Fernando
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 Sonny (Tennyson Cooray) Ronnie (Arjuna Kamalanath) ad Vinnie (Sunil Hettiarachchi) are employed in the same garage and live in 3 -neighbouring houses in the same plot of land. Their spouses – respectively Wimala (Dilhanie Ekanayake), Susila (Susila Kottege) and Ranitha (Anusha Damayanthi) suffer the consequences of this below the poverty line existence.

Sonny and Vinnie are burdened with children. The constant demands for day to day needs create undue pressure on their lives. Into this neighborhood arrive Dharme (Jeevan Kumaratunga) and Nirupa (Sanoja Bibile). Dharme is unemployed and tends to home chores while Nirupa works as a Supervisor in a garment factory. The women make the House-keeping Dharme the butt of their jokes….. Meanwhile, Sonny, Ronnie and Vinnie are sacked from the place they work for staging a strike demanding bonus. Falling from frying pan into fire the 3-friends tell their wives that they are sent on a training session and visit one of Sonny’s childhood friends (Alexander Fernando) who is drug dealer in the tourist resort town of Hikkaduwa.

They end up in police custody. Dharme using his influence bails them out. On their return, the Three are infuriated to find that Nirupa has found their wives jobs in the garment industry. The hypocrites they are they vehemently oppose their wives going to work, though they themselves are unemployed….. Irked by their insistence that the girls give up their jobs, the three wives prefer to go their own way….. The broken families make the children suffer….. One of Sonny’s kids fall seriously ill and emergency operation demands big money. The fathers have no money, the 3-wives rush to their garment factory owner (Berty Gunatilake)…. Will he come to heir rescue?



Film Cast
Sunil HettiarachchiSunil Hettiarachchi
as Vinnie
Arjuna KamalanathArjuna Kamalanath
as Ronnie
Tenison CoorayTenison Cooray
as Sonny
Dilhani Ashokamala EkanayakeDilhani Ashokamala Ekanayake
as Wimala
Susila KottageSusila Kottage
as Susila
Anusha DamayanthiAnusha Damayanthi
as Ranitha
Jeevan KumarathungaJeevan Kumarathunga
as Dharme
Sanoja BibileSanoja Bibile
as Nirupa
Film Crew

Sunil Soma Peiris

Sunil T. Fernando
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