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Indrakeelaya - ඉන්ද්‍රඛීලය Fans : 0 Film No :924
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Family / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2000-12-15
Main Actor : Linton Semage
Main Actress : Dilani Abeywardana
Director : Christy Shelton Fernando
Producer : S. Kanapathipillai
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Lakshmi, the only child of the family, a teenage student at a prestigious school is catered to all her materials needs by her parents, but not to her emotional needs.  Her mother’s preoccupation with suspicion that her father is involved with another woman deprives Lakshmi of the warmth of her parent’s love and affection.  The feeling of loneliness and melancholy at home drives her to seek friendship with a boy that results in her becoming pregnant.  Deserted by the boy, Lakshmi entices their driver Sunil to seduce her so as to pin the responsibility for her pregnancy of him.  The elope to his native place, a remote village in the jungles and settles down to raise the child when he is born. 

The village boarders an area where insurgents are in operation.  Though a regular cultivator, to make an extra income Sunil engages in illicit feeling of trees in the jungle.  If caught the insurgents would impose the death penalty.  Sunil’s sudden disappearance and the sudden death of her child make Lakshmi’s life one of utter misery.  How can her over come this cruel fate!

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Film Cast
Linton SemageLinton Semage
Dilani AbeywardanaDilani Abeywardana
H.A. PereraH.A. Perera
Douglas RanasingheDouglas Ranasinghe
Sriyani AmarasenaSriyani Amarasena
H.A. PereraH.A. Perera
Lakshman MendisLakshman Mendis
Gayana SudarshaniGayana Sudarshani
Jagath premalalJagath premalal
Thissa UdangamuwaThissa Udangamuwa
Nelum PereraNelum Perera
Film Crew
Hemantha Gamage
Hemantha Gamage
Make-up Artists

Athula Sulthanagoda
Art Director

Christy Shelton Fernando
S. Kanapathipillai
S. Kanapathipillai
Sarath Wickrema
Sarath Wickrema
Music Director
Elmo Haliday
Elmo Haliday

Andrew Jayamanna
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