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Kele Handa
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Kele Handa
Drama / Black & White & Colour / 35mm
Released Date :  1953-05-27
Main Actor : B.A.W. Jayamanna
Main Actress : Rukmani Devi , Rita Rathnayake
Director : B.A.W. Jayamanna
Producer : B.A.W. Jayamanna
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Love story of Malini, a village girl who goes to town to see the Vel festival and falls in love with a rich gentleman John Jayapala who pretends to be of low class.

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Kele Handa Kele Handa 
Film Cast
Rukmani DeviRukmani Devi
B.A.W. JayamannaB.A.W. Jayamanna
Stanley PereraStanley Perera
Rita RathnayakeRita Rathnayake
Eddy JayamannaEddy Jayamanna
Mili KahandawalaMili Kahandawala
Mebal Josapin BlaithMebal Josapin Blaith
Udula DabareUdula Dabare
Peter PeriesPeter Peries
Vimala KumariVimala Kumari
D.Thimothias PereraD.Thimothias Perera
Ewlin BalasuriyaEwlin Balasuriya
Mano FernandoMano Fernando
Derik SilvaDerik Silva
Fedrik DaniyelsFedrik Daniyels
Gration PereraGration Perera
Eddy PereraEddy Perera
Chandra KumarageChandra Kumarage
Posenthi LeitanPosenthi Leitan
Justin FernandoJustin Fernando
Frank SilvaFrank Silva
Sunil S. BothejuSunil S. Botheju
Sirisena ManawaduSirisena Manawadu
Stanly FernandoStanly Fernando
Film Crew

B.A.W. Jayamanna

B.A.W. Jayamanna
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