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Reviewed by films.lk on 2020-02-29 .
Rating: 2.9
Kolompoor - කොලොම්පූර් Fans : 0 Film No :899
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Comedy / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  1999-08-20
Main Actor : Bandu Samarasinghe , Tenison Cooray
Main Actress : Sangeetha Weeraratne , Dilhani Ashokamala Ekanayake
Director : Dinesh Priyasad
Producer : Lalinda Wijeywickrema
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 Freddy is a rich businessman from Bandarawela. Bandu is his only son. Bandu’s favourite hobby is acting in dramas. But Freddy doesn’t like this. One day Freddy catches Bandu doing rehearsals for a drama. Therefore, Freddy plans to send him to his friend Tony who is in Colombo. Then he writes a letter to Tony and sends Bandu along with that letter. Without telling any body Tennyson also goes with Bandu to Colombo.

While being in Colombo Bandu gives the letter to Tennyson and tells him to act as Bandu in Tony’s house. Tennyson arrives at Tony’s house as Bandu and is being welcomed warmly by Tony. Tony’s beautiful daughter is Dilhani and she falls in love with Tennyson. Meanwhile Bandu who was enjoying his life looses all his money and forced to do labour work for his daily needs. He meets a friend there and his name is Costa. Through Costa, Bandu meets a girl names Pooja and starts an intimate friendship between them. Then one day Freddy comes to Colombo to see his son’s progress and was much delighted.

However Tennyson and Bandu tried to cover their acts. After having long fun and laughter the truth comes out. Freddy and Tony pardoned Bandu and Tennyson for heir mishap. Later Bandu and Tennyson married Pooja and Dilhani respectively. They lived happily thereafter.



Film Cast
Thilaka DeraniyagalaThilaka Deraniyagala
Harsha Kawishanthi JayawardhanaHarsha Kawishanthi Jayawardhana
Freddie SilvaFreddie Silva
Sunil HettiarachchiSunil Hettiarachchi
Teddy VidyalankaraTeddy Vidyalankara
Bandu SamarasingheBandu Samarasinghe
Tenison CoorayTenison Cooray
Sangeetha WeeraratneSangeetha Weeraratne
Dilhani Ashokamala EkanayakeDilhani Ashokamala Ekanayake
Tony RanasingheTony Ranasinghe
Robin FernandoRobin Fernando
Wimal Kumara De CostaWimal Kumara De Costa
Manel ChandralathaManel Chandralatha
Morris DahanayakaMorris Dahanayaka
Piyadasa WijekoonPiyadasa Wijekoon
Sisira KumarathungaSisira Kumarathunga
Thilak RanathungaThilak Ranathunga
Rex KodippiliRex Kodippili
Roy JayawardhaneRoy Jayawardhane
Somapala RathnayakaSomapala Rathnayaka
Bennett RathnayakeBennett Rathnayake
Herbet KahawitaHerbet Kahawita
Chaminda PathirathnaChaminda Pathirathna
Nanda KumaraNanda Kumara
Dhammika PushpakumaraDhammika Pushpakumara
Thilak SenawirathnaThilak Senawirathna
Film Crew

Dinesh Priyasad
Lalinda Wijeywickrema
Lalinda Wijeywickrema
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