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Kurulu Pihatu
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Rating: 3.1
Kurulu Pihatu - කුරුළු පිහාටු Fans : 1 Film No :1058
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Kurulu Pihatu
Drama / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2006-11-23
Main Actor : Suresh Gamage , Sajitha Anuththara , Jackson Anthony
Main Actress : Dilhani Ashokamala Ekanayake
Director : Sumith Kumara
Producer : Paul Noman Perera
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Following a break up of the marriage of Chandrasekara and Salika, the father and mother of Saman, see their thirteen year old son as a burden. Chandrasekara falls out with his wife and leaves home. In the meantime, Salika yearning for a fresh life of happiness that she had failed to realize with Chandrasekara, marries young Charuka. The child who fails to enjoy parental love and affection turns to his grand mother but there too he meets with rejection.

Saman finally decides to live on the street. An old begger, a complete stranger teaches him the first lesson in begging. Saman, however, discovers that the only consolation in this sterile life is to become a Buddhist monk. Yet, he has to obtain parental consent to be ordained. However after a long search, he fails to meet both father and mother.
Yet, Saman does not give up his hopes of entering the ascetic lifestyle. His grandfather too had led a dissipated life. He is now destined to live on the streets. Meeting his grandson unexpectedly at the sunset years of his life the grandfather makes way for Saman to meet Chandrasekara. Meeting his son, Chandrasekera finds that Saman is both mentally and physically ill. At this stage Salika is separated from Charuka and is living alone. Saman is hospitalized and this brings a dramatic twist


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Kurulu Pihatu Kurulu Pihatu Kurulu Pihatu Kurulu Pihatu Kurulu Pihatu Kurulu Pihatu 
Film Cast
Hemasiri LiyanageHemasiri Liyanage
Dilhani Ashokamala EkanayakeDilhani Ashokamala Ekanayake
Suresh GamageSuresh Gamage
Sajitha AnuththaraSajitha Anuththara
Jackson AnthonyJackson Anthony
Film Crew

Tharupathi Munasinghe
Music Director
Jagath Imbulpe
Jagath Imbulpe
Art Director
Ranjith Mathangaweera
Ranjith Mathangaweera
Make-up Artists

K.D. Dayananda
Elmo Haliday
Elmo Haliday
Paul Noman Perera
Paul Noman Perera
Sanjaya Rathnasingha
Sanjaya Rathnasingha
Assistant Director

Sumith Kumara
Making Gallery
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