Para Dige
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Para Dige
Story / Black & White / 35 mm
Released Date :  1980-10-24
Main Actor : Vijaya Kumaranatunga
Main Actress : Vasanthi Chathurani
Director : Dharmasena Pathiraja
Producer : Albert Godamanna
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Recently screened at UCLA in the Third World Cinema Program and screened in France and Melbourne.

Once again, this is a film about the instabilities of youthful urban life, its search for roots, and its lust fur survival. Chandare works for an insurance company that repossesses vehicles from customers who have defaulted on payments. Both he and his girlfriend are part of a generation of young people who have flooded into the cities in search of work. They are part of the cityscape of Colombo. When the girlfriend discovers she is pregnant both she and Chandare try to put together the money they need for an illegal abortion. But theirs is an arduous journey as the film repeatedly and insistently narrates a story of life's uncertainty. Full of twists and turns, the film ends as inconclusively as it begins.

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Para Dige Para Dige 
Film Cast
Rathnawali KekunawalaRathnawali Kekunawala
Rathmali GunasekaraRathmali Gunasekara
Vasanthi ChathuraniVasanthi Chathurani
Vijaya KumaranatungaVijaya Kumaranatunga
Indira AbesenaIndira Abesena
Joe AbeywickramaJoe Abeywickrama
Wimal Kumara De CostaWimal Kumara De Costa
Daya ThennakoonDaya Thennakoon
Denawaka HamineDenawaka Hamine
Sunethra SarathchandraSunethra Sarathchandra
Ruby De MelRuby De Mel
Vinston VassVinston Vass
Somasiri DehipitiyaSomasiri Dehipitiya
Gamini GanegodaGamini Ganegoda
W. JayasiriW. Jayasiri
Ananda BasnayakaAnanda Basnayaka
Anjala SenawirathnaAnjala Senawirathna
Sunila AbesekaraSunila Abesekara
Chithra VakishtaChithra Vakishta
Chandra KaluarachchiChandra Kaluarachchi
Film Crew

Dharmasena Pathiraja
Albert Godamanna
Albert Godamanna
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