Ranmihithenna - The Mahinda Rajapaksa National Tele-Cinema Park (MRNTCP)
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We are aware that it is not just our facilities that you consider when prepping a production. Therefore, in this section you can find out about all the other excellent services and facilities available to you, to make your production work in the MRNTCP.

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Location - Hambantota

Hambantota is a town on the southeastern coastal area of Sri Lanka. Hambantota, the capital of the district, takes its name from early seafarers. When mariners arrived from the Far East in their sampans, they sought anchorage in the natural harbor, known in the local language as ‘tota’. In time, the area came to be called “hamban-tota”. Today, Hambantota is the salt capital of Sri Lanka, and dazzling white saltpans surround the town. The District of Hambantota, which extends from Tangalle to Tissamaharama offers something special for everyone. Crystal clear seas, golden beaches, archeological sites, and a chance to see some of Sri Lanka's spectacular wildlife; Hambantota has it all. In spite of this, the District is one of Sri Lanka's best kept secrets.

The Hambantota District, apart from its ideal geographical location in the south of the island, has tremendous prospects; taking into account the International Seaport, Airport and Highway that is due to be completed in just over two years.

In 2011 Hamabantota will be the cynosure of Asia as it plays its role as one of the joint hosts of the 2011 Cricket World cup. For the visitor Hambantota offers a plethora of activities and destinations, catering to the needs of both the curious traveller and the vacationing family. With over 10 kilometres of pristine coastline and easy access to cultural and religious sites of great repute, Hambantota is set to propel the deep south of Sri Lanka to the fore.

MRNTCP was conceived in August of 2006, when His Excellency The President, Mahinda Rajapaksa subsequent to imposing a tax on imported films, tele-dramas and commercials telecast nationally, proposed a project in Ranmihitenna (Hambantota District) to ensure these funds were utilized effectively. The Ministry of Mass Media and Information will oversee the co-ordination and administration of MRNTCP. The objective of His Excellency is to ensure the development of the local cinema industry, with the long-term aspiration of advancing the MRNTCP to be an internationally renowned filmgin location in Asia. With Sri Lanka stepping out of the shadows of war and ethnic strife, the general potential for development within the entire island is immense.

The MRNTCP is one of several initiatives to restore her title as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. Furthermore, local film producers would save on excessive costs incurred by travelling overseas to have pre and post-production services rendered

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The most Creative Ideas
"The most Creative Ideas"

The MRNTCP consists of 235 acres of picturesque landscape featuring lakes, forests, model villages and colonial buildings in addition to industry standard pre and post production facilities.

The end of 2011 will see the completion of the MRNTCP project and as such position it as the premier destination for film makers of both motion picture and television backgrounds. In keeping with his policy of taking development to the village the location was recommended by President Mahinda Rajapaksa. K D Justin and Welagedara Ranasinghe, Directors of the project are combining forces with some 1500 members of staff in order to complete the project.

The second stage of the project will see an underwater studio equipped with water-proof cameras in addition to a drama school, a railway track and sets depicting more old buildings.

The MRNTCP, apart from offering a range of facilities such as; tailor-made set construction, costume design halls, editing studios and high-end accommodation – allows film enthusiasts to attend trainings and workshops conducted by the cream of the local film industry-thus, creating a concept of sustainable growth within the project, to ensure its longevity.

  • Set Construction – MRNTCP is fully geared in terms of constructing and modifying existing sets. According to given specifications and plans, the MRNTCP staff is more than capable of executing even the most complex set designs.

  • Editing Equipment – A fully fledged editing studio complete with cutting edge technology and industry know how is readily available on site.

  • Centre for technical excellence – The Centre for technical excellence continues to work with leading industry resources in order to continuously empower the MRNTCP to offer the best to its clients

  • Accommodation – From stunning villas to dormitories the MRNTCP is fully prepared to offer a myriad accommodation options, depending in budgets and scope. The MRNTCP boasts three types of accommodation available – one for actors, one for crew and villas in a secluded area of the village for scriptwriters who would be able to work undisturbed.

  • Training centre and Workshop – The MRNTCP training centre has dedicated conference and training spaces, where meetings and discussions can be held in addition to dedicated areas where seminars, workshops and practical courses could be held.

  • Costume Hall – Come and explore out portfolio of costumes that date back to the olden day Sri Lanka. From modern executive get ups, to colonial and postmodern clothing, the MRNTCP costume hall is also able to design and manufacture complex and creative costume requirements, speedily and efficiently.

  • Cinema Library – The MRNTCP library is well stocked with industry manuals, guides and other industry driven publications. Books on the art and craft of film making are also on hand in addition to magazine, newspapers and internet access.

  • Studio – The studio with 36 light-bars is Sri Lanka’s largest and it is capable of creating sets for any scene which a director may visualize. The studio also has a 100-foot-long screen, designed in such a way that three films could be shot at the same time.

  • Communication facilities – High speed broadband internet access, VOIP solutions, fax, email etc. all readily available at MRNTCP
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