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    Seethala Gini Kandu
    Reviewed by on 2019-11-19 .
    Rating: 3
    Seethala Gini Kandu - සීතල ගිනි කඳු Fans : 0 Film No :955
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    Seethala Gini Kandu
    Drama / Colour / 35 mm
    Released Date :  2002-03-22
    Main Actor : Jeevan Kumarathunga
    Main Actress : Dilhani Abeywardhana
    Director : Daya Wimalaweera
    Producer : Daya Wimalaweera
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    The story unravels a battle between the good, represented by young Rohana( Kamal Addararachchi), who works hard to look after his fatherless family which includes the mother and younger sister and the evil, portrayed by 'Sunny' (Jeevan Kumaratunge), the village thug who is responsible for causing a number of painful incidents on certain villagers and who is involved in number of illegal activities in the area.

    Rohana has an affair with his cousin sister 'Nadi' (Dihani Ekanayake)whose birth is shrouded in mystery known only by Sunny and the girl's mother (Manik Kurukulasuruya). The secret is that Sunny is the father of this girl. But Sunny lives with 'Rosy' (Dilani Abeywardena), a woman forcibly been taken from a man who failed to settle a debt to Sunny.



    Basically the story of 'Seethala Gini Kandu' portrays a struggle between the good and the evil. As similar to any other commercial films here too the good wins defeating or destroying the evil at the end of it.

    Playing one of the principal roles Kamal Addararachchi (Rohana) had done justice to his part acting as a young lover, determined youth and a hot-tempered fighter. Jeevan Kumaratunge playing the role of Sunny, the thug and the one who is responsible for all the cause of evil in the village has fulfilled expectation of the audience.

    The violence one comes across in 'Seethala Gini Kandu' torments its viewers needlessly and could be the film which carries the most number of disturbing scenes that had ever been made in Sri Lanka.

    These scenes raise some questions in the minds of the audience. The director, a man of wide experience has tended to use the camera in a manner that may not bring credit to the industry. Every film maker has to respect the taste of the audience.

    'Seethala Gini Kandu' is a film with a good story line but presented in a most disturbing manner.


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    Seethala Gini Kandu 
    Film Cast
    Priyankara PereraPriyankara Perera
    Shashi WijendraShashi Wijendra
    Kamal AddararachchiKamal Addararachchi
    Dilhani Ashokamala EkanayakeDilhani Ashokamala Ekanayake
    Jeevan KumarathungaJeevan Kumarathunga
    Dilhani AbeywardhanaDilhani Abeywardhana
    Manik KurukulasuriyaManik Kurukulasuriya
    Bandu SamarasingheBandu Samarasinghe
    Tenison CoorayTenison Cooray
    Nawanandana WijesingheNawanandana Wijesinghe
    Prasanna FonsekaPrasanna Fonseka
    Channa PereraChanna Perera
    Denawaka HamineDenawaka Hamine
    Deepani SilvaDeepani Silva
    Susila KottageSusila Kottage
    Udaya Kumari RanasingheUdaya Kumari Ranasinghe
    Mark SamsonMark Samson
    Sando HarisSando Haris
    Luxman ArachchigeLuxman Arachchige
    Kingsly MannapperumaKingsly Mannapperuma
    Kumari ManelKumari Manel
    Mallika PremachandraMallika Premachandra
    Lal PeirisLal Peiris
    Kapila SigeraKapila Sigera
    Sisira KumarathungaSisira Kumarathunga
    Victor Vijayawantha PereraVictor Vijayawantha Perera
    Film Crew
    Daya Wimalaweera
    Daya Wimalaweera
    Daya Wimalaweera
    Daya Wimalaweera
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