Fans : 3 Nilanthi Dias Karunarathna - නිලන්ති ඩයස් කරුණාරත්න

Known As : Nilanthi Dias Karunarathna
Real Name : Nilanthi Dias Karunarathna
First Released : Jolly Halo 2001
Latest Released : Peeter One

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Nilanthi Dias grew up in Battaramulla. She studied at All Saints Convent, Borella, where she also studied traditional dancing. At School she took part in dancing and acting competitions and also won prizes. Though, when small, she did not have plans to be an actress, she also studied Kandyan and Bharata Natyam privately.

Ten years ago she joined the dancing group of Gypsies Music Band and performed with the group in Popular “Piti Kotapan None” song. She also took part in tours around the world and she has visited many countries including, Japan, Canada, Dubai, Malaysia, Doha, Quatar, Bahrain and Singapore.

She started her acting career in 2000 and she has acted in many films including Jolly Hello, One Shot One, Adara Meena, Clean Out and Sonduru Wasanthaya. The film "Sir Last Chance" in which she acted is due to be released soon. She has acted in many teledramas as well. Hima Warusa, Athma Senehasa, Samanala Wasanthaya, Mal Pipenne Hetai, Amara Puraya and Thusharaye Chaya are a few to name. She has worked with many renowned directors such as Bertrum Nihal and Dayarathna Ratagedara. She also acted in the stage drama Dummala Warama.

She is a very gifted and talented dancer and recently she won the Runner Up title in Sirasa Dancing Stars, a very popular dancing competition in Sri Lanka. She also won the Talent Award in Sarsaviya Film Awards 2006 for her role in "One Shot One". She also engages in doing dancing shows around the world.

Nilanthi says that her best friend is her Mum and she loves her mother country and Sri Lankan Traditions very much.

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Main Actress / Actress
No Year Name Character Director
1 ) 2004 Left Right Sir Bandu Samarasinghe
2 ) 2004 Under World Sudesh Wasantha Pieris
3 ) 2001 Jolly Halo Sri Lal Priyadeva
4 ) 2011 Thank You BertySanda Tenison Cooray
5 ) 2002 Jolly Halo 2 Sri Lal Priyadeva
6 ) 2005 James Bond Sunil Soma Peiris
7 ) 2013 Peeter One Bandu Samarasinghe
8 ) 2004 Clean Out Roy De Silva
9 ) 2004 Re Daniel Dawal Migel 3 Roy De Silva
10 ) 2004 Selamuthu Pinna Roy De Silva
11 ) 2009 Sir Last Chance Roy De Silva
12 ) 2009 Dancing Star Susara Dinal
13 ) 2005 One Shot One
14 ) 2010 Dakina Dakina Mal V. Siwadasan
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