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Known As : Uberto Pasolini
Real Name : Uberto Pasolini
First Released : Machan 2008
Latest Released : Machan

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Machan is Uberto Pasolini's first feature as a director.

Uberto has worked in films since 1983, starting as a runner in Thailand on The Killing Fields, and became an independent producer in 1994, when he founded Redwave Films.

Its first produced feature film was Palookaville, starring Vincent Gallo and directed by Alan Taylor.

Subsequently Uberto produced The Full Monty, which grossed over 250 million dollars internationally and remains to date the most successful UK picture at the UK box office of all those based on original material.

Amongst its many international awards, the film was named “Best Film” of 1997 by BAFTA.

Uberto also produced The Closer You Get, written by acclaimed television writer William Ivory and The Emperor’s New Clothes, starring Ian Holm.

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No Year Name Character Director
No Year Name Character Director
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No Year Name Character Director
1 ) 2008 Machan Uberto Pasolini
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