Sir Last Chance
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Sir Last Chance
Comedy / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2009-03-25
Main Actor : Vijaya Nandasiri , Lucky Dias
Main Actress : Anarkalli Aakarsha Jayatilaka , Anusha Damayanthi
Director : Roy De Silva
Producer : Soma Edirisinghe
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Sir Last Chance is a private detective who has a huge crowd of people named the F.P.I (Federal People’s Investigators) working under him. They are funded by the US to take care of matters which are too tough to be handled by their F.B.I.

A string of comic incidents follow when a Sri Lankan filmmaker decides to engage two Indian actresses for his newest production.

As the other local artistes are agitated over this decision he is forced to seek out the help of Sir Last Chance and his team.

Sir Last Chance finds himself tangled with a hilarious set of events as he tries to ensure the security of the foreign actresses while a plot is hatched to kidnap them.


A large number of comedians in Sri Lankan cinema band together in the latest comedy of Roy de Silva ‘Sir Last Chance’ slated to be released from March 25 at Savoy Wellawatte, Impala Rajagiriya and other EAP circuit cinemas.

Starring Wijaya Nandasiri, Palitha Silva, Rodney Warnakula, Anton Jude, Anarkali Akarsha, Anusha Damayanthi, Nilanthi Dias, Arjun Kamalanath, Avisha Kavindi, Ted idyalankara, Tyronne Mike, Chathura Perera, Janesh Silva and Sanath Wimalasiri with new actor Anura Pathirana representing humorous characters, the film revolves around a private detective played by Wijaya Nandasiri and his team. The story begins with a film producer who decides to recruit two Bollywood actresses for his latest production as he would be able to generate good income from his film.

Sri Lankan actresses who are taking part in this film, strongly protest against the move but the film producer is adamant and proceeds with his plan. Angered by this local stars plan to obstruct him and hire an underworld gang leader, to abduct the two Hindi actresses, and demand a ransom of Rs. 50 million dollars, for their release.

The money to be shared among themselves after paying for the contract and they swear to keep this plan a secret. However, one actress betrays them by divulging it to the film producer.

The producer goes in search of a renowned private detective, named, “Sir Last Chance”, and requests his assistance to avert the conspiracy. And the detective undertakes the contract which follows a series of funny incidents.

Camera handled by Pushpakumara Bandara Rajaguru and edited by Praveen Jayaratlme, art director is Manjula Ayagama and musical score by Sangeeth Wickramasinghe to which songs are sung by Uresha Ravihari, Sangeeth Wickramasinghe, Vijaya Nanadasiri, Rodney Warnakula and Imanka Peiris.

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Film Cast
Vijaya NandasiriVijaya Nandasiri
Lucky DiasLucky Dias
Anarkalli Aakarsha Jayatilaka Anarkalli Aakarsha Jayatilaka
Anusha DamayanthiAnusha Damayanthi
Palitha SilvaPalitha Silva
Rodney WarnakulaRodney Warnakula
Anton JudeAnton Jude
Arjuna KamalanathArjuna Kamalanath
Nilanthi Dias KarunarathnaNilanthi Dias Karunarathna
Chathura PereraChathura Perera
Sanath WimalasiriSanath Wimalasiri
Amisha KavindiAmisha Kavindi
Teddy VidyalankaraTeddy Vidyalankara
Janesh SilvaJanesh Silva
Mahinda PathirageMahinda Pathirage
Film Crew

Pushpakuma Bandara Rajaguru

Roy De Silva

Soma Edirisinghe

Rohana Weerasinghe
Music Director

Sangeeth Wickramasinghe
Music Director

Pravin Jayaratne
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