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"SAARC Film Festival 2014"
The SAARC Film Festival held in Colombo, has over the last three years gained momentum for promoting some of the best films from the SAARC Region. The SAARC Film Festival showcases the best of films from the region, nominated by the respective Member States. A reputed panel of adjudicators select the best films, and awards are given as incentive to continue producing good films for the region. The SAARC Cultural Centre, in keeping with its mandate of promoting culture in the region through different modes of art, will once again showcase films from the region as cultural expressions at its forthcoming SAARC Film Festival. The SAARC Film festival in Colombo, marks an event unique to the region, where through the medium of cinema, the festival has become a forum of people to people interaction, as well as the understanding and savouring of culture through the medium of cinema, where the films from the different SAARC Countries, are not merely  a tool of entertainment, but rather one of cultural awareness as well as something that would convey an inherent message indigenous to a particular member country of SAARC and to a particular region of the world. The Film Festival will give all member states an opportunity to screen some of the best films from the region.
The SAARC Film Festival will aim to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and shared points of view from film directors from the Region. Cinema is a form of art, and today with easy accessibility of advanced digital knowledge this medium of cinema has become very powerful. The SAARC Region has produced some films with a standard of excellence. In 2014, the SAARC Film Festival will focus on feature and short films first screened AFTER May 2012, from all member states, inviting directors of these movies for workshops as well as recognizing the best movie- feature film/Short Film screened within the stipulated time frame.
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