Taxi Driver
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Taxi Driver
Drama / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2003-05-09
Main Actor : Lal Weerasinghe
Main Actress : Thushara Fernando
Director : Kandapola Kumarathunga
Producer :
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  'Taxi Driver' revolves around a three wheeler driver Gamini who is a Samaritan. He helps neighbours, settles quarrels. Whenever there is a dispute Gamini is there to intervene.

While Gamini was going on a hire with a Justice of Peace they see a vehicle travelling forward in which a girl is being abducted. Though Gamini tries to rescue her the JP requests him not to get involved.
But Gamini always thinks about the fate of the girl. In the meantime Gamini gets to know that the girl (Theja) is kept in a brothel by force.
Gamini moves by this news. He was reminded how his elder sister committed suicide as she was raped by several thugs some time back. As a result of deep emotions Gamini too tries to commit suicide by shooting but neighbours save him. He is determined to meet Theja at the brothel. Gamini gets the help of his friend Pigotte. They both manage to get into the brothel and meet the owner, One Eye Bonney.

 By Ranjith Bandara Attanayake

"Taxi Driver", is the latest movie by director Kandapola Kumaratunga and produced by Uni Film Production.
Lalith Milroy has written the story and dialogue of 'Taxi Driver', which is on the silver screen now.
The film director Kumaratunga says he has directed Pigotte (Tennyson Coorey) in such a manner that the spectators will this time not look at him merely as a comedian but in a major role.
Thushara Fernando and Lal Weerasinghe play the major roles while Cletus Mendis, Wijeya Nandasiri, Sunil Hettiarachchi, Rathna Sumanapala, Teddy Vidyalankara, Jude Fernando, Shalika Subesinghe, Rohitha Mannage, Nimal Jayamuni, Sunil Premakumara and 1Shashikala Hettiarachchi play the co roles.
Camera has been handled by Bandula Coorey, Music by Sarath Alwis and Make-up Artiste is Jayatilleke Embuldeniya.
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Taxi Driver 
Film Cast
Lal WeerasingheLal Weerasinghe
Thushara FernandoThushara Fernando
Cleatus MendisCleatus Mendis
Vijaya NandasiriVijaya Nandasiri
Sunil HettiarachchiSunil Hettiarachchi
Rathna SumanapalaRathna Sumanapala
Teddy VidyalankaraTeddy Vidyalankara
Jude FernandoJude Fernando
Shalika SubasinghaShalika Subasingha
Rohith MannegeRohith Mannege
Nimal JayamuniNimal Jayamuni
Swarna MallawarachchiSwarna Mallawarachchi
Shashikala HettiarachchiShashikala Hettiarachchi
Film Crew
Kandapola Kumarathunga
Kandapola Kumarathunga
Lalith Milroy
Lalith Milroy
Lalith Milroy
Lalith Milroy
Bandula Cooray
Bandula Cooray

Sarath De Alwis
Music Director
Jayathilaka Embuldeniya
Jayathilaka Embuldeniya
Make-up Artists
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