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    Udu Gan Yamaya
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    Udu Gan Yamaya - උඩු ගං යාමය Fans : 1 Film No :1051
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    Udu Gan Yamaya
    Drama / Colour / 35 mm
    Released Date :  2006-06-01
    Main Actor :
    Main Actress : Chandani Senevirathna
    Director : Sudath Devapriya
    Producer :
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    Udugan Yamaya portrays a mother and a child who becomes destitute with the disappearance of their breadwinner, a ferryman. Sirimal, a nine-year-old boy, lives with his parents and his father is the village ferryman. The suspicious activities of some rebel youth in the area and the occasional sound of gunshots are recurrent in the surroundings.

    The Army visits the village looking for the youths and threatens the villagers about giving protection to them.

    While the killing continues to control the rebelling young men for some it's the time to avenge those they dislike and others whom they want to dispose of. Sirimal and her mother make regular visits to detention camps and hospital mortuaries in search of Siripala.

    Who is responsible for all the disappearances and abductions? Is it the state? Is it is the terror? Or individual jealousy and hatred? Udugan Yamaya is a tribute to those wives who lost their husbands and children who lost their fathers.


    The impressive cast include, child actors Mauli Ferdinando and Tisuri Uwanika and Chandani Senaviratne, Suminda Sirisena, Richard Weerakkody, Saumya Liyanage, Giriraj Kaushalya and Duleeka Marapana.

    'Udugan Yamaya' was the official entry at the 48th London Film Festival-2004, Sweden Malmo International Film Festival- 2004, Dubai Film Festiva-2004, New Delhi Film Festival-2005 and was screened at the Cannes International Film festival under the World cinema category.

    M.D. Mahindapala-cinematography, Rohan Samaradivakera-art Director, Kumara Karaudeniya-costume designer Vasantha Vittachchi-make up and Ravindra Guruge editor while Sarath Fernando who made the musical score were in the technical crew. Udugan Yamaya was produced with the Film development fund awarded by the National Film Corporation.

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    Udu Gan Yamaya Udu Gan Yamaya Udu Gan Yamaya Udu Gan Yamaya 
    Film Cast
    Duleeka MarapaneDuleeka Marapane
    Giriraj KaushalyaGiriraj Kaushalya
    Saumya LiyanageSaumya Liyanage
    Richard WeerakkodiRichard Weerakkodi
    Suminda SirisenaSuminda Sirisena
    Thisuri YuwanikaThisuri Yuwanika
    Mauli FernandoMauli Fernando
    Chandani SenevirathnaChandani Senevirathna
    Film Crew

    Sudath Devapriya

    M.D. Mahindapala
    Sarath Fernando
    Sarath Fernando
    Music Director

    Ravindra Guruge

    Wasantha Wittachchi
    Make-up Artists
    Rohan Samaradiwakara
    Rohan Samaradiwakara
    Art Director

    Sudath Devapriya
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