Nisala Gira / නිසල ගිර
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 1072
Released Date : 2007-09-12
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Nisala Gira / නිසල ගිර
Film No : 1072
Released Date : 2007-09-12
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : 35 mm
Category :
Main Actress : Nita Fernando
Director : Thanuj Anawarathne
Producer : Nita Fernando



Nisala Gira’ (Silent Honour) a moving portrait of a woman and a discovery into drug peddling and addiction in the high class society has completed its post production and is ready for release.

Debut directorial venture by Tanuj Anawaratne, to the well researched story and screenplay by Yolanda Weerasinghe the film is an insight into the lives of women prisoners and their children who pay for the crimes for which they are not responsible. The internationally awarded actress Nita Fernando plays the double role as the producer and the challenging lead of a wife of an uncorrupt politico, an affectionate mother sorrowfully bearing the loss of her son, a drug addict, a prisoner and finally as mother to a fatherless child born in prison.

An outcome of a comprehensive research lasting nearly four years into drug smuggling and lives of drug addicts 'Nisala Gira' has been recommended by a number of principals in leading schools, psychiatrists and physicians who have seen the film. Based on stories of true life incidents and characters the film carries part of a tragic experience relating to a drug addict by the scriptwriter Yolanda herself. For the first time in Sri Lanka 'Nisala Gira' investigates into the hidden episode of the drug menace of the influential Colombo based high class.
‘The high class society is ashamed to tell that their child is a drug addict. But the bitter truth is that anybody who sees this film would realize relate the story in this film to their own lives’ says the scriptwriter, Yolanda Weerasinghe.

Some of the dedicated cast who themselves investigated night life in Colombo experienced the violent reaction by the sons of so called high class and influential in society who were under the influence of drugs.

The film, a massive production with filming at over twenty five locations including the Mayor's House, Colombo, Bogambara and Welikada prisons, the well-known artifacts shop ‘Gandhara’, Independence Square, Scottish Church, Hulftsdorp court complex, Sea Sands, Aluthgama and Holiday Inn hotel in Colombo.

An international distributor who viewed the film recommended it as a slick film which has nearly 40% shot in a real prison for the first time in the motion picture industry.

Nita Fernando who proved her prowess as a producer in 'Pawuru Walau' (Walls Within) has repeated her excellence in ‘Nisala Gira’.

‘The support I received from the prison authorities to the Mayor's House and sets assistance to the breath taking lead cast was unforgettable," said Nita speaking about role as the producer.




Art Director
Thanuj Anawarathne
Sound Management
Kalinga Perera
Music Director
Aruna Lian


Still Photographer
Mahesh Nishantha
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