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Drama / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  1981-10-02
Main Actor : Vijaya Kumaranatunga
Main Actress : Geetha Kumarasinghe
Director : Yasapalitha Nanayakkara
Producer : Yasapalitha Nanayakkara , Nimal Weerakkody
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Two unemployed young men - Vije and Freedie - were just ambling along on the street.  They see some robbers snatching a bag of money from a rich tea estate owner. The two friends give chase and snatch the bag from the culprits and hand it backs to the owner, who is impressed by their brave act and offers them jobs in his plantation.  The Tea Estate owner’s daughter Geetha develops a love affair with Vije, However, Swama, another woman who works there too falls in love with him.  Adding to this triangle.  Robin has fallen in love with Swama.  Realising that Vije and Geetha are in love with each other, Swama weaves a web of deceit.  She spreads a rumor that she is pregnant with Vije’s child.  Infuriated by this purported act, Geetha’s father sacks Vije and chases him out.  Every one shuns him believing that he has put Swama in the family way.  Only Freedie is there to believe him and help him.  Despite all odds, Vije proves to the Tea Estate owner and his daughter Geetha, beyond doubt, that he is innocent of any deceit.



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Anjaana Anjaana 
Film Cast
Pushpa Kanthi AkmeemanaPushpa Kanthi Akmeemana
Ranjani CostaRanjani Costa
Ranjani CostaRanjani Costa
Rathna SumanapalaRathna Sumanapala
Robin FernandoRobin Fernando
Geetha KumarasingheGeetha Kumarasinghe
Vijaya KumaranatungaVijaya Kumaranatunga
Swarna MallawarachchiSwarna Mallawarachchi
Freddie SilvaFreddie Silva
Mark SamaranayakaMark Samaranayaka
Wijerathna WarakagodaWijerathna Warakagoda
Film Crew

Yasapalitha Nanayakkara

Yasapalitha Nanayakkara
Nimal Weerakkody
Nimal Weerakkody
Film Songs
Anantha Neth Belme Dedena H.R. Jothipala [ Vocalists ] Anjaleen Gunathilaka [ Vocalists ]
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