Mathu Yam Dawasa
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Mathu Yam Dawasa
Drama / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2001-11-23
Main Actor : Saumya Liyanage
Main Actress : Jayani Senanayaka
Director : Dharmasena Pathiraja
Producer : Dharmasena Pathiraja
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Dealing with his pet themes of youth, unrest and unemployment, the film follows the lives of Dhammika and Lionel. Their dream is to escape Sri Lanka and go to Italy. But things do not go their way and they go on a violent crime spree.


Had world premiere at Singapore International Film Festival, 2002 and Sri Lanka's entry to the 4th Cinefan Festival, New Delhi, 2002.

Italy is their dreamland. They speak of the excitement of the travel, of illegal passage and of the golden opportunities that await them in the land of milk and honey. Two marginal underworld characters, they move centre stage in this dynamic unfolding of political violence and social tragedy, as they become actors and agents seeking adventure, romance, excitement and power in a society that is quickly roller coasting towards disaster and tragedy. It is a cops and robbers story, but with one crucial difference. There are no victors or victims here.

The film is evocative of the political violence that has engulfed Sri Lankan societies from the mid '80 onwards. The deceptively simple narrative dynamically describes the contours of the land steeped in violence, its national boundaries and inter- national aspirations. It forges a cinematic idiom that interests with the multicultural, the idyllic, the popular, the urban, and the global cultural economy. The popular and the avant-garde are mixed together, resulting in a thriller, comedy and tragedy at one and the same time.

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Mathu Yam Dawasa Mathu Yam Dawasa Mathu Yam Dawasa 
Film Cast
Sena amiyangodaSena amiyangoda
Mervin maheshanMervin maheshan
Prageeth RathnayakaPrageeth Rathnayaka
Mahinda basnayakaMahinda basnayaka
Lionel WickramaLionel Wickrama
Saumya LiyanageSaumya Liyanage
Wasantha MoragodaWasantha Moragoda
D.B. GangodathannaD.B. Gangodathanna
Jayani SenanayakaJayani Senanayaka
Radha De MalRadha De Mal
Rukshana MiskinRukshana Miskin
Sarath DikkumburaSarath Dikkumbura
Kapila SigeraKapila Sigera
Layanal wikramasinghaLayanal wikramasingha
Shanthi bhanushaShanthi bhanusha
Bandula WithanageBandula Withanage
Sarath DikkumburaSarath Dikkumbura
Film Crew

Dharmasena Pathiraja

Dharmasena Pathiraja

Dharmasena Pathiraja
Lal Wickremaarachchi
Lal Wickremaarachchi
Elmo Haliday
Elmo Haliday

Premasiri Kemadasa
Music Director

Lal Harendranath
Art Director
J. Suranimala
J. Suranimala
Make-up Artists

Lionel Gunarathna
Sound Management
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