Fans : 2 Lionel Wickrama - ( 1946 -

Known As : Lionel Wickrama
Real Name : Lionel Wickrama
Birthday : 1946-January-12
First Released : Karumakkarayo 1980
Latest Released : Sangili

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Occupation: Retired Senior Technical Officer, Highways Department
                      Actor/Production Executive/Location Manager
Height:      6Ft
Educated at St. Anthony's College, Katugastota. Married to Swarna and have two sons - Tharaka Sanjey and Yasiru Dananjey. Both are employed. Eldest son is in Sri Lanka and youngest son is in China.
I was introduced to Films by Mr. Somasiri Dehipitiya a well known Actor, who was attached to Highways Dept working with myself. My first film was "Karumakkarayo". I did the "Baby Mahattya,s Roll in that film. Later  i was introduced to Mr Gamini Fonseka and i acted in "Sakvithisuwaya" and  "Sagarayakk meda". I did the Prison Doctor's Roll in "Sagarayak meda". Then i met Mr. Dharmasena Pathiraja. He is also from Kandy. He is a very good fried of mine, and he is a brother to me. Because of him only now i am at this stage.  After that i am working with him right through out as an Actor and a Production Executive in Films and Teledramas.I was a co producer for  Dr. Pathiraja's  film "Shelton Saha Kanthi".The unforgetable memories of Teledramas are "Maya Mandira", Ella Langa Waluwa" , "Kadulla" and later in  "Kampithavil". Up to date i have done many teledramas above 150 numbers. The most populer charactor is "Arty Hamu"  in Batti teledrama. In films i did the "Ralahamy's" charactor in New coming film "Sangili" directed by Mr. Lalith Pannipitiya.  and not screened yet. At present i am working in 3 -4  teledramas and a film by the name "Wasdandu Rawaya" directing by Mr. Wasitha Samaranayake.
Main Actor / Actor
No Year Name Character Director
1 ) 1980 Karumakkarayo Tissa Abeysekara
2 ) 2001 Mathu Yam Dawasa Dharmasena Pathiraja
3 ) 2019 Sangili Lalith Pannipitiya
4 ) 1982 Sakvithi Suvaya Gamini Fonseka
5 ) 1981 Soldadu Unnahe Dharmasena Pathiraja
6 ) 2000 Sanda Yahanata Mohan Niyaz
7 ) 1985 Karadiya Valalla Cyril Wickramage
8 ) 1982 Sakvithi Suvaya Gamini Fonseka
9 ) 1981 Sagarayak Meda Gamini Fonseka
10 ) 1981 Sagarayak Meda Gamini Fonseka
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