Fans : 1 Chanky Ipalawatta - චන්කි ඉපලවත්ත

Known As : Chanky Ipalawatta
Real Name : Chanky Ipalawatta
First Released : Ammai Duwai(Raththaran Neth) 1984
Latest Released : Dadabima

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His name Chunky Priyadarshan Ipalawatta date of birth april 1st currently he is in sri lanka but he is living in canada because his family,wife and four kids are in canada. canadian phone nomber 001-416 298-4161. if you need more information you can contact me via phone or my email thanks Kaushalya ipalawatta

Hello this is some more information aboua Chunky Ipalawatt he had done so many movie as a hero and i choose some of them for you
(1) Api Baya Ne
(2 )Girl Friend
(3) Viyaru Gahaniyak 
(4) Dadabime
(5) Ege Vairaya ll
(6) Ege Vairaya lll
(7) Ninja Sri Lanka
(8) Juriya Mamai
(9) Ratharan Neth
(10) ragaye Unusuma.

Hobbies are reading ,writing, long walks and listening to music. Favo dress pant and shirt. Favo colour is red. Favo country is Sri Lanka, Canada and France. Favo acters Clinty swood , Alpacino, Amitabh bachchan and Mithun chakraborty. favo actress Anjalina joli and Juliya roberts. He likes Horror and action movies.His Kids Ajaya Ipalawatta, Aakash Ipalawatta, Akshay Ipalawatta and daughter anjana Ipalawatta. They all reside in Canada.two days ago i have send some information and now you got these if you any other informatio feel free to contact me at Thanks Kaushalya Ipalawatta

Photo Gallery
Main Actor / Actor
No Year Name Character Director
1 ) 1998 Girl Friend Luvi Vandastratan
2 ) 1997 Viyaru Geheniyak Luvi Vandastratan
3 ) 1992 Rumathiyai Neethiyai Mu Arukgoda
4 ) 1996 Api Baya Ne Luvi Vandastratan
5 ) 1997 Ege Vairaya 2 Luvi Vandastratan
6 ) 1998 Ege Vairaya 3 Luvi Vandastratan
7 ) 1997 Ragaye Unusuma Karu Disanayaka
8 ) 1993 Juriya Mamai Luvi Vandastratan
9 ) 1984 Ammai Duwai(Raththaran Neth) Mu Arukgoda
10 ) 1997 Ninja Sri Lanka Robin Fernando
11 ) 1999 Koti Sana Ranjith Siriwardhana
12 ) 2000 Dadabima Luvi Vandastratan
13 ) 1995 Ege Vairaya Luvi Vandastratan
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Chanky Ipalawatta
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