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First Released : Sinhawalokanaya 2011
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 Once we thought rapping songs are wrong and it is bad music, but Sinhalese Buddhist DeLon (real name Sinhalese Buddhist Delvin Jayasinghe) now showed us that can be really patriotic. Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic Buddhist DeLon is giving a new meaning to the war against terrorism by our beloved President at the international level.

He sings songs that tells the world about the brutalities of LTTE with music going with that.
An Emerging International Star with Sinhala descent, Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon, represents peace and unity in Sinhale. For those of you who believe M.I.A. as a "Freedom Fighter" and for those of you who support terrorism by purchasing her music, now you know. Google: "LTTE". "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Who is Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam after all? She is the daughter of a Tamil terrorist, Arul Pragasam Sinhale Lanka. Motivated by his wish to support the Tamil militancy in Sri Lanka, her father became politically known as Arular and was a founding member of The Eelam Revolutionary Organisation of Students (EROS), a terrorist Tamil group.
So no patriotic Sinhalese Buddhist should ever listen to MIA – the terrorist "Maya" Arulpragasam. Instead they should listen to patriotic Sinhalese Buddhist DeLon.
Born to parents from a small village in Gampaha, Sinhale, Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon learned at an early age the importance of hard work and humility while at the same time trying to attain a level of greatness never thought of by someone from his island. Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLonmade his musical debut at the young age of 12; but it wasn\'t his lyrics people were listening to.
Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon began his love affair with Hip-Hop by first learning to dee-jay for local parties and clubs around his hometown of Pasadena, CA. A perfect match from the start; Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon soon made a name for himself and word of his talent spread through to the hottest clubs in Hollywood.
Dee-jaying gave Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon the chance to study music and gain a stronger perspective of how people responded to certain beats and melodies. From the age of 16 until he graduated from college, Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon continued to deejay and hone his skills on the microphone, attending numerous competitions to test his skills. Since then, Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon has been working tirelessly in hopes of bringing a new paradigm to rap music.
Sinhalse Buddhist patriotic DeLons musical purpose is to bring unity among people and to educate them through his lyrics. Rap music is such a powerful tool and, if used to educate, can help change the world. His style is unique and cannot be sonically compared with any rapper in the game. Unlike many rappers before him, through lifetime travels to over 33 countries, Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon has collected knowledge, spiritually and worldly, and indulged himself into music from all over the world.
His Sinhale descent has already created a base sense of curiosity amongst his rapping peers, and this is only heightened by his uncommon lyrics and highly entertaining performance style. Utilizing his multi-cultural knowledge and identity, Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon fuses eclectic cultural beats with Hip-Hop to create a unique style that cannot be sonically compared with any other rapper in the game. Those tracks combined with the ability to perform in English, Spanish and Sinhalese; Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon produces a crossover appeal that makes him marketable to a wider fan base through genres and markets worldwide.
Authentic, unique, diverse and entertaining; Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic DeLon strives to achieve a level of international greatness and influence through his music at the same time keeping his roots grounded to his village upbringing.
Long live Sinhalese Buddhist patriotic rapper, DeLon!
His music become famous worldwide!
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