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Known As : Sumith Kumara
Real Name : Sumith Kumara
First Released : Kurulu Pihatu 2006
Latest Released : Suba Theraniyo

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SUMITH KUMARA is presently a leading Director amongst those Films and Tele Drama Directors.

About 20 Years prior to this he has entered into this Field of Arts. Since then the number of Films and Tele Dramas exceeds 20. The Extra Ordinary f feature in t he Films and Dramas is the fact that every such Film and Drama differs from each other, in that he used to go into them deeply and on realization of t he issues there in do the needful to make it a production in such manner as if it is his own. Such productions are treated by the Sri Lankans with great interest. the “NIGHT” produced by him has gained presidents recognition. Drama "MayaRATNE" had been a new feature to the Public.
Thereby he has turned the minds of interested seekers with fullest joy. As a Director Film-, producers he has created a record. He has created another record by producing another "Kurulu pihatu”' widening its scope and thereby exposing the sufferings of innocent child as a consequence of wrongs taking place in society, causing tears. As an example, it has been named as the best direction which is fair.
Further, he has further, become the Major producer of TV Commercial and Record Programmer. Also he has taken steps to create Productions in conformity with international l standards. Internationally, he has now decided to expand his knowledge by way of distribution of knowledge there by bring about some services in the field of Art, and to the people at large.
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No Year Name Character Director
No Year Name Character Director
1 ) 2006 Kurulu Pihatu Sumith Kumara
2 ) 2018 Aladin Saha Puduma Pahana Sumith Kumara
3 ) 2019 Suba Theraniyo Sumith Kumara
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