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Sisila Ginigani
Reviewed by films.lk on 2020-02-29 .
Rating: 2.8
Sisila Ginigani - සිසිල ගිනි ගනී Fans : 1 Film No :723
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Sisila Ginigani
Drama / Black & White / 35 mm
Released Date :  1992-01-17
Main Actor : Sanath Gunathilaka
Main Actress : Sabeetha Perera
Director : Prasanna Vithanage
Producer : Sanath Gunathilaka
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Harris Makalanda, a wealthy aristocrat and well-known lawyer. One day he meets a beautiful girl, Annette at a party. Later, he meets her again when she hitches a ride with him in heavy rain. He tells her she can change her clothes in one of his bungalows on the way and this leads to a sexual encounter between them. She tells him that she is a burger that she shuns marriage, which imprisons people that she goes to bed with anyone she likes. As their liaisons grow, he indicates that she can, if she likes, come and live in his bungalow.

Annette renovates the neglected house tastefully and informs Harris that for the first time in her life she has begun to understand what it is like to have a husband and a house of her own. Meanwhile, Harris stands for municipal elections. His schedule leaves him mo time for Annette but she continues to relish his company.

However, the only obstacle in Annette's path in possessing Harris, completely and permanently, is Harris's little boy. She tries to establish a rapport with him. Once, when the child goes on a picnic with his school friends Annette succeeds in separating him from the others under the over of a sudden mist.

Frightened, the child runs away. She sees him heading for the abyss and try as hard as she can, is unable to save him. After a prolonged search, the police and the Air Force recover the child's body. By which time Annette, the prime suspect, is in police custody.

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Sisila Ginigani 
Film Cast
Premakumara DasanayakaPremakumara Dasanayaka
Chandani SenevirathnaChandani Senevirathna
Dilani AbeywardanaDilani Abeywardana
Gayan NawarathnaGayan Nawarathna
Sanjaya KhanSanjaya Khan
Lucky WickramanayakaLucky Wickramanayaka
Daya ThennakoonDaya Thennakoon
Jaya sri chandrajithJaya sri chandrajith
Hemasiri LiyanageHemasiri Liyanage
Neel AlasNeel Alas
Gamini IndrarathnaGamini Indrarathna
Nawanandana WijesingheNawanandana Wijesinghe
Indrajith NavinnaIndrajith Navinna
Ebert WijesingheEbert Wijesinghe
Thalatha GunasekaraThalatha Gunasekara
Asoka PeirisAsoka Peiris
Veena JayakodiVeena Jayakodi
Jayalath ManorathneJayalath Manorathne
Tony RanasingheTony Ranasinghe
Sabeetha PereraSabeetha Perera
Sanath GunathilakaSanath Gunathilaka
Chandani SenevirathnaChandani Senevirathna
Dilani AbeywardanaDilani Abeywardana
Neil AllesNeil Alles
Hemasiri LiyanageHemasiri Liyanage
Film Crew

Sanath Gunathilaka

Prasanna Vithanage

Suminda Weerasinghe

Sanath Gunathilaka
Elmo Haliday
Elmo Haliday

Premasiri Kemadasa
Music Director
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