Hadawatha Mal Yayai / හදවත මල් යායයි
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 1112
Released Date : 2010-03-04
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Hadawatha Mal Yayai / හදවත මල් යායයි
Film No : 1112
Released Date : 2010-03-04
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : 35 mm
Category :
Main Actor : Channa Perera
Main Actress : Chathurika Pieris
Director : Ananda Wickramasinghe
Producer : Thilak Kodikara



Hadawatha Mal Yayai  is the 10th film that I have made.The most successful   films of mine in the past were action and revenge oriented. HMY is different for many reasons. It has no action, no villains.Its about love, friendship, sacrifice, good and victory.  I am also working with two generations of actors and technicians.Music has always had a special place in my films.Extremely talented young  Ranga Dassanayake created the songs  and young talented Indrejit Merihana did the Background score.Gaffor behind the camera and  editor Aliman are seasoned technicians. Gamini Bandara as art Director and Sanka Prasd as Choreographer are new talents.

 Thlik Kodikara as producer has a great future in the industry because of his love for films and for the way he respects and treats  people.

 Throug out all my productions, we have treated all crew members the same no matter rank. It is our tradition.We appriciate and respect each and every  member of our team.

HMY is a very sweet ,feel good movie and  I enjoyed working on it. I am sure this will be well received by all ages and classes of people . ENJOY!

Song -Prema Kurulla

Song - Seethala Hee sara ei rahasin



M.A. Gafoor
Art Director
Gamini Bandara
Sound Management
Lionel Gunarathna
Make-up Artists
G.D. Nandasena
Music Director
Ranga Dasanayake


Assistant Director
Lesly Siriwardana
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