Adaraye Namayen / ආදරේ නාමයෙන්
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 1093
Released Date : 2008-11-21
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Roshan is an orphan and Ajith is a well-known minister’s son. Roshan’s friends are all small children and he is featured as a typical ‘cool’ character.

“Roshan does not take any problem seriously because he is an easy going person,” Nazeer explained.
In contrast, Ajith always takes on his father’s powers to have an upper hand over his friends and associates.
“Ajith is interested in Duleeka, and he follows her around asking whether she would like to start a relationship with him,” Nazeer continued.

Ajith threatens Duleeka saying that he would commit suicide if she does not accept his proposal. Then, Duleeka starts an affair with Ajith as she finds it difficult to avoid him. However, Roshan also has a crush on Duleeka. In the meantime, a fight breaks out between Ajith and Roshan.

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