Address Na / ඇඩ්‍රස් නෑ
[ Colour ]
Film No : 1212
Released Date : 2015-10-23
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The film begins with Nasiwatte Hitler (Jackson) being released from jail and resuming his criminal activities with his gang. He runs a beggar group, which includes crouched men, dumb and deaf men, disabled women and children who have to beg in many places and earn money for Hitler. Meanwhile, a rich businessmen, Sathgunawath Pinsara (Kamal), plays an innocent role in public by helping poor people, but behind the scenes he is a canny person who deals with gangs such as Hitler, and Karaa (Roshan). Chaplin (Mahendra) is a deaf and dumb beggar, but not to his daughter Subha (Sheshadri), who is a student at the law college. Subha is a courageous girl who is very loyal to her deaf and dumb father. Pinsara's son Kapila (Akhila) flirts with Subha to achieve her love and he proposes a program about the life of beggars for their college course. Sandya (Sabeetha) is the wife of Hitler, who has a child who was secretly moved away from her in early times. Pinsara gives a contract to Hitler and Karaa for a murder. Kara eventually kills the wrong person, and a girl named Nathalia (Aruni) was is killed by the gunshot. Police search the gunman and capture Karaa. After torturing him, he tells them that the contract was given by Hitler and DIG (Bimal) searches for him. When all this happens, the beggar program was carried out in Naziwatte and they started to show films outdoors. Chaplin started to act like Hitler and the police capture Chaplin as Naziwatte Hilter for the death of Nathalia. But soon they realize he is not the actual person and Chaplin is released. Nathalia's boyfriend Kalinga (Hemal) searches for Hitler with DIG and finally captures him from Pinsara's house. Hitler is heavily drunk and tries to kill Pinsara for his dirty works, then Kapila intervenes and hits Hitler. Hitler confesses that his wife Sandya's daughter was given to Chaplin and she is Pinsara's blood (actual father). When Hitler is captured by police, Sandya is captured at the same times and Hitler told the story of her daughter and asks Chaplin about the girl. The film ends when Kapila searches for Chaplin everywhere and finally enters Subha's house. Subha smiles and Kapil sees Chaplin at the house.

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