Ali Surathal / අලි සුරතල්
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 1095
Released Date : 2009-01-01
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The story centers on Raju, an elephant who had saved Ravi’s life from a tiger during his childhood. Raju and three more elephants are companions to Ravi whose parents had died when he was a child.

The elephants are like friends to Ravi who loves, speaks and plays with them. He meets Manju, a daughter of a wealthy merchant, and they fall in love. They get Manju’s father’s blessings for marriage. However in a failed business deal, Ravi becomes penniless losing his money and property.
Manju’s father discovers Ravi’s plight and expresses his discontent towards the Manju-Ravi relationship. Ravi’s friends come to his rescue and together they perform on the streets and earn their fortune. Manju and Ravi are married but quite unexpectedly Manju begins to develop a strong suspicion and dislike towards Raju.

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