Bambara Walalla / බඹර වළල්ල
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 1119
Released Date : 2010-08-06
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 An Ordinary meaningless existence can suddenly change by life and death. The Characters weave together the story of “Bambara Wallala” .The Audience is left to wonder how such dramatic plot turns in the story of one man ..Podi Eka …As the story unfolds desperate & unexpected circumstances…

At the film ‘s beginning we see Young Podi Eka without an education with his mother & sister ….His Sister is raped by his Step Father and 17 Year old Podi Eka kills his Step Father and spends 17 Years in Prison ,
As the events of Podi Eka’s Life changes after his return to his village from Prison. ..leading him on an extraordinary journey .He tries to start a new life .His Mother’s Mental condition makes it hard After the tragic death of his mentally disturbed mother. He lived because he was born …
Podi Eka meets (Mal) a man who keeps on counting the living and making coffins..He starts working for Mal …after Mal found him been attacked and left almost dead… in the gutter...though his broken body heals ..deeper wounds remain…being an uneducated young man he finds it very hard to understand the society and Mals’ way of life .They both are looking for pure love …Their lives are build around a circle (Bangle)Along the way he discover the true meaning of Love ,responsibility and courage …
Podi Eka goes from rags to riches when he decides to bury Mal using a coffin from Mal’s own Parlour .


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