Dancing Star / ඩාන්සින්ග් ස්ටාර්
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 1097
Released Date : 2009-03-12
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They say that the raw talent of youth cannot be subdued and like the sun it is sure to rise after a brief night of darkness. The very essence of our story revolves around this magical tryst between destiny and talent. Shiroshi (Finalist – Sirasa Dancing Stars Season 1) is a phenomenally talented young dancer who emerges out of the squalor of an impoverished urban neighbourhood through her performances with her group of friends. But her journey from the backwaters to the glitz and glamour of stardom, takes many a twist and turn. Her unexpressed feelings for fellow dancer and singer Dushyanth (winner – Sirasa Dancing Stars Season 1) remains just that; unexpressed. But fate would have it that her talent is spotted by Greshan Dunuwila, (played to perfection by veteran cinema star Ravindra Randeniya) who sees the immense potential in this young performer quite by accident. While Dushyanth is left behind, Shiroshi is swept up into a life of glamour... This fateful meeting introduces young Shiroshi to a whole new world. A world of music, dancing, new associations and perhaps even a new romance. But life does not allow bridges built across age old social boundaries to last too long.

 The story spirals into a battle for love, and an opportunity to prove.  Sudesh (Roshan Ranawana – finalist Sirasa Dancing Stars), a young dancer pairs up with shiroshi in her performance only to fall head over heals in love, despite the intentions of competitor Nilanthi (Nilanthi Dias – Runner up – Sirasa Dancing Stars Season 1), who has eyes only for Roshan. In  his attempts to groom Shiroshi into stardom, Mr. Dunuwila experiences the full force of social stigma that stare squint eyed at this middle age man and his platonic love for a young dancer. Nilanthi’s father, (Sanath Gunathileka – a seasoned star of Sri Lanka’s silver screen) tries his utmost to influence her not just away from Roshan. His wife (played by Malini Fonseka – the queen of the silver screen in Sri Lanka) fumbles as she tries to understand her husband\'s intentions. Culminating in a dance performance that will make cinematic history, our story is more than just another movie. Yes, it is about a boy and a girl. It is about dancing. It is about music. But most importantly our story is about talent, and its ultimate victory over all that suppresses it. Dancing Star.

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