Danduwama / දඬුවම
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 914
Released Date : 2000-06-30
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She (Nadeeka Gunasekera) is a young widow. Working as a teacher she brings up her two children. Son (Suranga) and Daughter (Nayana). Young Suranga's closest friend is their neighbour Sampath. His father (Lal Pieris) is a rich landed proprietor. Suranga's mother treats Sampath as her own as Sampath's mother has met with an untimely death, when still young. Two scheming culprits designing to grab the wealth of Sampath's father deliverately and constantly entice him drinks. He succumbs to his excessive drinks. Sampath is left an orphan and is brought up by his aunt.. Suranga (Ranjan Ramanayake) reaches adulthood and looks after his mother and sister. 
Meanwhile Suranga one day intervenes to rescue a young woman Chapa (Dilani Abeywardena) who is accosted by a tough fish trader. One day Suranga's mother ventures out to check on hearing a commotion. Despite's her intervention a neighbour, young woman, named Mangala is accosted by two ruffians, whom she recognizes as the persons who schemed to have Sampath's father dead to possess his wealth. Mervyn (Wilson Karu) and Ranatunga (Tilak Ranatunga). Despite her valiant attempt, the two ruffians abduct the girl. She reports this to the Police. The ruffians vows to take revenge. Suranga's mother keep these threats a secret fearing her son will get into problems with these ruthless men. However, the ruffians one day run their vehicle over Suranga's mother resulting both her feet to be amputated from her knees. Not stopping at that they then attempt to molest Suranga's sister. When Suranga appears she pleads with her son to rescue his sister and reveals how these very same ruffians robbed his friend Sampath of his father and his wealth..How Suranga, helped by Sampath, mete out the punishment makes a wonderful story.
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