Pasa Diya Gini Sulan Pahasa / පස දිය ගිනි සුළං පහස
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 945
Released Date : 2001-10-11
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"Consequence of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind" (Pasa Diya Gini Sulan Pahasa), the story revolves around a girl and two Biblical characters Cain and Abel and the film is to give a new interpretation to the first murder in the history of mankind.

'Pasa Diya Gini Sulan Pahasa' unfolds the story giving a philosophical idea to the unsatisfied feelings of a girl as she grows upto womanhood. According to the story line it relates that this girl becomes the central figure in bringing enmity between Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve and giving way to the first homicide or fratricide.

The film director Mano Weerasekara said "the story is common to all humanity and whether it is past, present or the future, the sexual attraction between the opposite sex is an everlasting phenomenon,".

"A woman is flax man is fire, the devil comes and blows the bellows or otherwise a man, woman and devil the three degrees of comparison"-" God makes and man shapes and God himself was once as we are now and is an exalted man" Mano said describing the philosophical prospect of the movie.

The producer of the award winning film "Mee Haraka" Mr. Weerasekara said "The story is adopted taking the ideas from different religious concepts including the Holy Quran, the Holy Bible, the Bhagawath Geetha and the Dhammapada; without antogonising the religious feelings,".

"I tried to give a different interpretation as has been given to the world's first sin in the story of Cain and Abel which comes in the Bible", he said.

"The plot is adapted from various canonical literature as God created Adam and Eve as the first human beings in the world. Eve created from a rib of Adam had two children, Cain and Abel. Cain slew Abel (the first sin and the murder in the universe) at the tragic end because of a woman," Mano explained. "But the question is from where did she appear? Who is she?" he said.

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