Rosa Mal Sayanaya / රෝස මල් සයනය
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 1101
Released Date : 2009-05-27
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Life seems a bed of roses for Rosy when Malan vows to be by her side in happiness and sorrow. However she soon realizes her folly as she is thrown into a dark world of mystery and terror. All her efforts to come to terms with her husband’s strange lifestyle shatter once she meets Roshan, a young painter who sees unnatural beauty within the young bride.

The two soon meet and a relationship forms between the pair as Roshan invites Rosy to pose for a painting. Rosy agrees and ultimately they fall in love. However Malan is determined to keep Rosy and eventually his deep, dark secret is uncovered. What will the fate of the lovers be? What is the secret which Malan is so desperately trying to hide?


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