Sthuthi Newatha Enna / ස්තුතියි නැවත එන්න
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 1118
Released Date : 2010-06-24
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Sthuthi Newatha Enna / ස්තුතියි නැවත එන්න
(Thank Come Again)

Film No : 1118
Released Date : 2010-06-24
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : 35 mm
Category :
Company : Rawana Films
Studio : DIL Films
Main Actor : Hemasiri Liyanage
Main Actress : Damitha Abeyratne
Director : Sumith Rohana Thiththawelgala
Producer : Mangala Madugalla



 By Susitha R. Fernando, Pic by Udeni Alwis

Experienced teledrama director Sumith Rohana Tittawella’s maiden film is set around the last victorious phase of the war and brings to life the cruelty and the agony that are fresh in our memory.

‘Sthuthi Newatha Enna’ (Thank you, come again), scripted, screenplay written and directed by Tittawella, the film tells the story of a father and his two sons who are two service personnel-one a trooper the other airman.

The Muhurath for the film was held recently at the National Film Corporation with the participation of film artistes and NFC Chairman.

Influenced by some true and personal experiences, the film highlights how war can affect people differently. “Though the war is over we can never forget the agonies families of soldiers underwent and are still undergoing. This is the base for my film,” director Tittawella said.

“My teacher in cinema was the late Dr. Tissa Abeysekera and I was greatly influenced by him to do this film,” Tittawella said while mentioning that it was Mrs. Abeysekara who inaugurated the Muhurath ceremony for the film.

“The film is a tribute to all the war heroes and we have already decided to contribute 10% of the film’s earning to ‘Api Wenuwen Api’ fund,” the director said.

“I also should specially mention that I have been glad to have a producer like Mr. Mangala Madugalla, who encouraged me and agreed to join this film,” Tittawella said with gratitude.

Scheduled for 20 days of filming, the direction is now being shot at locations around Thanthirimale.

The producer of ‘Sthuthi Newatha Enna’, Mangala Madugalla is a lecturer in Modern Language attached the University of Kelaniya and had been in Russia for last 10 years.

“During my stay in Russia I decided to contribute to a work of art in Sri Lanka. My first attempt was to do a teledrama with Dr. Tissa Abeysekera. But this was failed and it was then I met Tittawella.” vtimes_07.html



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