Thanha Rathi Ranga / තණ්හා රතී රඟා
[ Colour Cinemascope ]
Film No : 1189
Released Date : 2014-10-17
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Between Yesterday and Tomorrow
This is a story of a journey towards the beginning. Towards the spirit and soul.
The three main characters of the film, Wimal, Suraj and Sirithunga, are peculiar creatures, sort of anti-heroes.
Wimal, a three wheeler driver, has had many deceptions in life. Impulsive, often crashing into obstacles.
Suraj, more contained, is an oversensitive University student, affected by an unexplained melancholy.
Then there is Sirithunga a handyman, a father of three young children.
They are strong, independent men. Through these characters on a backdrop of a society inflicted by a 30 year old civil war, we paint a portrait of contemporary Sri Lanka.
Three friends, dreaming of a better life, a future filled with freedom, love, money. This future tragically disappears revealing to cowardly acts and pettiness of the human soul.
They realise, far too late, that they aren’t strong enough to live their dreams, that they don’t have the dimensions of the people they dreamed of becoming, that they will pay a heavy price in their fight against the powerful forces of money, greed and manipulation of faith …
They continue along their road, plunging deeper into what proves to be an internal journey. Like Sri Lanka seeking to reclaim its own freedom, the voyage of these three men becomes no less than a quest for their own independence.
I feel like I have found a way of approaching a human and cinematographic perspective that resounds very strongly within me, and will touch both my own country and the foreign audiences.
These are stories of small men and their minimal conflicts, inserted into big moments of Sri Lanka’s’ recent history
Together with them in the discovery of a new world, of new adventures, of a new soul. Everything seen with the splendour of a land, our land, that still remains Unknown even to us.


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