Vijaya Kuweni / විජය කුවේණි
[ Colour 35mm ]
Film No : 1150
Released Date : 2012-05-06
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Vijaya was the eldest son of king Sinhabahu (Man with Lion arms) and his Queen Sinhasivali of Lata Kingdom in India. He Landed on Sri Lanka with 700 followers in 543 B.C. He met Yaksha Clan spinster Kuveni who had been undergoing a bad period since her birth. She was engaged in textile weaving, when she met Vijaya. She and Vijaya engaged in a dual-war and lost the battle. Ultimately, she becomes the mistress and the wife of Vijaya. She bore him two children, named Disala and Jeevahattha. After seven years, there was a conspiracy instigated by Vijaya’s advisers and ministers, stating that Kuveni was a human flesh eater of the Yaksha clan, and that her children will succeed to the throne. They instigated VIjaya to get princess from India. Marry her and get rid of Kuveni and her two children.

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