Wehi Davasa / වැහි දවස
[ Colour 35 mm ]
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Wehi Davasa / වැහි දවස
(Rainy Day)

Not Yet Released
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : 35 mm
Category : Drama
Main Actor : Udeni Alwis
Main Actor : Hemantha Prasad
Main Actress : Sangeetha Sadani
Main Actress : Prabha Sadanshali
Director : Bhadraji Mahinda Jayathilaka


Ruwini Jayawardana

Sri Lankan born vocalist, novelist, screenwriter and actor, Bhadraji Mahinda Jayathilaka turned a new page in life when he took up the task of directing a movie. Titled Vehi Davasa (Rainy Day), the Muhurath ceremony of the movie took place at the Punchi theatre recently.

The backdrop of the story is set in the misty and cool climate of Nuwara Eliya. Though she lives in the calm and sleepy town in the outskirts, Elisa’s days are filled with activity. With an idle natured husband to support and three mouths to feed, Elisa is engaged in a battle with life. On this particular day her main concern is to take her sick child to the doctor and find a way to soothe his illness.

Her neighbour, Theja, too joins Elisa to go to hospital for her daily check up. Theja is heavily pregnant and is looking forward to having her first baby in her arms. Meanwhile another episode is unfolding elsewhere.

A popular actor named Dilip makes it to the scene. He and his team are on their way to Nuwara Eliya to stage a play. Anoja, the wife of the head physician at the general hospital in the area is looking forward to making use of the opportunity to act opposite Dilip and have a few fond words with him but life takes an unexpected turn. Nature intervenes and the lives of these few individuals are buried in a shocking incident which shakes the whole district and shatters the lives of many more to come.

“The movie is based on Bhadraji’s novel titled Vehi Davasa but the script of the movie is slightly altered to suite the contemporary society.

It is based on a true life incident that the author had witnessed in his life. Most of the team is from those who had played key roles on in theatre.

We wanted the production to have more weight and we will be using the latest high definition technology for the project,” the production manager M. Safeer revealed.

The cast comprises Hemantha Prasad, Udeni Alwis, Praba Sandasili, Sangeetha Thadani, Sanat Dikkumbura, Bhadraji Mahinda Jayathilaka, Vishaka Jayaweera, Prasad Deshapriya, Nadeeka Tharangani, Inoka Sanjaweeni and others.

Udeni Alwis is the assistant director while the script and dialogues are by Hemantha Prasad. Donald Karunaratne is the cameraman. The art director is Nalaka Jinendra. Premajayantha Kapuge will handle the make up department.

The costumes are by M. Safeer and Nalaka Jinendra. The team hopes to begin shooting in Nuwara eliys from October 1. Vehi Dawasa is produced by Inter Act Art and Bhadraji Creative Arts Center.

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Assistant Director
Udeni Alwis
Production Manager
M. Safeer
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