Hiripoda Wessa / හිරිපොද වැස්ස
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 1042
Released Date : 2006-01-12
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Kelum, Ramith and Prageeth are friends who study for their A/Level at a leading school. Kelum lives under financial disturbances as his father is a postman. Ramith is belonged to the middle class and his father runs a garage in the town. Prageeth is the richest as his father is a well known businessman with foreign contacts. Weena is the Prageeth’s friend. Their family backgrounds to not make any difference to their friendship and in school they have a good time always. Meanwhile, Kelum is known to a girl called Pooja.

However Pooja’s brother, Mahen challenged Kelum if he likes an affair with his sister, he has to prove his brevity removing a cap of a rude police officer. Kelum accepts the challenge and meets a lot of humorous incidents. Meanwhile A/Level class receives a new teacher, Miss Arosha. She is a beautiful young lady who invites anyone for a second glance.

All three friends are so interested in her. Ramith says that she lives in a flat ext to him with her sister and brother-in-law. One day she invites Ramith to visit her in her flat at a mid night. Ramith goes there and he is treated with a wholesome dinner by Miss Arosha. Later she tells Ramith to remove a dead body in her house. He frightens with the news, but agrees to help his teacher. She said that this person was not known to her, but he entered her home while she was alone and died after she attacked him. Ramith brings an old car from his father’s garage and removes the dead body.

Meanwhile, Prageeth receives a telephone call from his father who was in abroad with his mother for a holiday that mother was dead in an accident to. After a few months of the mother’s demise Prageeth’s father brings another lady, Seron. Prageeth gets angry with this and he accuses his father on mother’s sudden death. The struggle between the father and the son ended with Prageet’s complaint in the Police accusing. Prageeth’s father was arrested by the Police and Prageeth leaves for one of his relatives place in the rural area. Kelum, Ramith, Veena, Pooja and even Miss Arosha’s lifestyles were disturbed with Prageeth’s sudden disappear. They follow the story and find out that his mother’s death was a natural one and his father or step mother have nothing to do with it. At last Prageeth comes back home and forgives his father. And friends were together again for their usual happy lifestyle for long.

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