Mage Wam Atha / මගේ වම අත
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 967
Released Date : 2002-09-06
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Mage Wam Atha / මගේ වම අත
(My Left Hand)

Film No : 967
Released Date : 2002-09-06
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : 35 mm
Category :
Main Actor : Linton Semage
Main Actress : Dilhani Ekanayake
Director : Linton Semage



1Best Actor [2nd]
28th OCIC and UNDA Award Ceremony 2002
Saumya Liyanage

Mage Wam Atha (My left hand) A Seli Films production, directed by Linton Semage has been selected for the 55th International Film Festival in Locano, Switzerland. The 35 mm, colour film of 90 minute duration with English sub-titles will be screened at the festival under the title "Pickpocket". This is the first time that a Sinhala film from Sri Lanka has been selected to one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

Semage told that his second film " Mage Wam Atha" based on a script by Piyankara Ratnayake was screened at the Kerala film festival. "I am grateful to the Asian Film Centre for making it possible to attend the festival. I must also say that I am very thankful to the National Film Corporation for providing me financial assistance to produce this film".

He further said that second copy of this film was be screened simultaneously in Sine Manila festival, an attended the Fukuoka Film festival, Japan from September 13 to 23, in Calgery, Canada in October, in Oslo in November.




Art Director
M.D. Mahindapala
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