Samige Kathawa / සැමීගේ කතාව
[ Colour cinemascope ]
Film No : 1178
Released Date : 2014-02-28
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Samige Kathawa / සැමීගේ කතාව
(Sam/s Story)

Film No : 1178
Released Date : 2014-02-28
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : cinemascope
Category : Drama
Main Actor : Jagath Chamila
Main Actress : Nilmini Buwaneka
Director : Priyankara Vittanachchi
Producer : Priyankara Vittanachchi



The film follows the story of a poor and uneducated boy from a Sri Lankan village. Hailing from a family with financial constraints, Siriratne is the eldest son and is mentally retarded. Growing up with lack of parental affection, Siriratne and his brother, Jaya give up their education. Siriratne becomes a domestic aide and is called ‘Sam’ while his brother enlists in the army. Following the news that his brother had died in action, Sam begins to dislikeTamils.
To worsen the situation, Sam had to work with two other domestic aides, Gowri and Selva who are Tamils. Conflicts over their ethnicity begin among the domestic aides. Yet the landlord treats them equally. The film takes a dramatic turn when the master of the house dies in a bomb explosion in the city. What would be the reaction of the three domestic aides? This creates many a confusion and conflict in the family.

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